Bush warned of G-8 terrorist threat
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Bush warned of G-8 terrorist threat Bin Laden's recruitment video shows them taking shots at a video image of Clinton, and possibly a link with the bombing of the Cole. Also, speculation on moving the summit.
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Perhaps I am just having a kneejerk reaction, but any threat to an American president gets my gander up. Bush or not, the office is bigger than any one man.
posted by owillis at 8:25 AM on June 21, 2001

Uh, Oliver? You mean either "gender" or "dander". You silly goose.
posted by rodii at 8:44 AM on June 21, 2001

His goose was already got, so they went for his gander.
posted by Markb at 9:12 AM on June 21, 2001

Brain poop.
posted by owillis at 9:53 AM on June 21, 2001

Damn, me and owillis agree on something. :)

I agree, I was never a Clinton fan, but he was still president and it's still my country that he was president of and I respected that. So, these kinds of things don't make me too happy either.
posted by the_0ne at 10:01 AM on June 21, 2001

since when did moscow get the low-down on bin-laden. The valiant vlad sending his people in to investigate really gets me misty. The yemen dagger is noteworthy, would bin-laden be so bold, I thought he was known for his secrecy and efficient organization. This will just piss off the winky-winks by wearing a blatant symbol. This would be the time to strike, when his confidence is high. (ive never seen him photographed without a weapon in his hand or near him) I think this is a bin laden scare tactic and vlad took...liberties with this. One can criticize the BIG SAM but a threat is another ball game.
posted by clavdivs at 11:03 AM on June 21, 2001

To me, this sounds like an oh-so-convenient excuse.

Why? Because after Gothenburg, Berlusconi is positively shitting himself over the prospect of 100,000 protesters arriving in Genoa for the G8. As it's a medieval city, the streets are narrow and twisting, which makes it much harder to isolate and contain demonstrations: after all, Hausmann knocked down much of medieval Paris for his boulevards precisely in order to make it harder for revolutionaries to erect barricades.

In short, the "terrorist threat" on Genoa will either force a relocation to somewhere more policeable, or provide the rationale behind a massive crackdown on demonstrations.

You can make your own judgement.
posted by holgate at 1:40 PM on June 21, 2001

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