Luke Paakh makes some lovely flash games
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Particlasm is home to the browser games of Luke Paakh. He first caught my attention with fine space shoot'em-up Ether War but I also enjoyed his other games, shooter Ether Cannon, tree defending games Phoenix and Shen Long, puzzle game blue and petri dish action game Amoeba. His new game is my favorite. It's called William and Sly and it's a beautiful platformer is about an adorable fox who likes mushrooms and his quest to recharge some runestones with fairyflies.
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William and Sly, previously.

Very cool to see some of his other stuff. I'm trancing out to the music in Blue. Thanks for killing several hours of my day!
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Heh, looking back through my history it seems that I Googled for "william and soy"

Good work, fingers.
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I'll have to check these out later when I'm not at work.
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That was really cute, but I was only able to find 1/3 switches. It also took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the very simple pattern of the final boss.
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Yeah, I need to go through it again and find all the switches.
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It's like you crawled into my brain specifically to find what you could make an FPP about.
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And by that I mean, GAEMZ!
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Excellent post, this. I'm going to be spending many hours playing Blue.
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I really liked William and Sly (though I didn't come near to finding everything). Fun!
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