The Fox Rox San Diego Archive
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Fox Rox was a local music show that ran from 2001 - 2007 in San Diego. Here's the YouTube archive of more than 230 good-quality studio performances from bands as disparate as Electric Six, Blackalicious, Drive-By Truckers, Buzzcocks, Peaches, High on Fire, and many more. [post-mortem || myspace]
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There's some good stuff in there. I do remember seeing Love is Simple (by Akron/Family) with a little Fox logo in the bottom-right, and being puzzled. And then reading the fantastic comments on whether, in fact, the song implied that love is simple. Responses ranged from "perhaps he´╗┐ means a different kind of simple..." to undergrad philosophy "Like I said earlier, try describing the experience of seeing "blue" to someone who has never seen color."
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Oh man, Fox Rox. The host was the most amazingly HYPED OUT mid 90s MTV style dude. I remember waiting through many shows to see the performances and getting super annoyed at FUCKIN TROY JOHNSON! Though not particularly brutal, this Wolf Eyes clip is pretty good.
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The Go! Team's performance is my favorite.
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Love the Buzzcocks (I still remember 'Orgasm addict'); nice to see good quality vids of them.
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