June 26, 2001
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The Earth is hollow and habitable within. At least that's what John Cleves Symmes believed. And while you're at the museum, take the test, too.
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There was a brief essay on the Symmes' Hole by Paul Collins in the fourth issue of McSweeney's. Part of a series on failed dreamers that he will be publishing someday. It's a fascinating story and well worth hunting down.
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OK, I got 14 out of 20 questions right (3 and 3 for skeptical/gullible). I'm not happy with that, but how'd you do?
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My favorite thing about the test was in the answer to the lemming question -- the idea that Disney filmmakers drove little creatures over a cliff in search of a compelling sequence is almost too perfect...hmm...

Notable that he lists among his hoax sites maryromantic.com -- a site for which I haven't seen any evidence which would lead one to think it's a hoax. But maybe he knows something I don't.
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Shouldn't this be updated to include Kaycee?
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Paul Collins' book is called Banvard's Folly. It's great.
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I've been checking to see if that book's been published for a while now. Guess I'll have to put in an order.
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wow that was quick.
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One of the most interesting things about the Hollow Earth theory and its adherents is how they molded it to fit the American sense of Manifest Destiny that existed in the 19th century. In other words, it was God's will that this rich and abundant land inside of the earth should be subdued by American pioneers who would exploit its vast mineral and agricultural riches and convert whatever heathens lived there to Christianity.
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Even better: the Death of Lou Reed! (Today I listened to all of the boxed set version of "White Light / White Heat" -- COINCIDENCE??)
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