Anatomy of Japanese folk monsters
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Yōkai Daizukai is an illustrated guide to yōkai authored by manga artist Shigeru Mizuki.

Via, via Sprayblog.

Previously, the anatomy of kaiju.
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The Obakemono Project: A Gaijin's Guide to the Fantastic Folk Monsters of Japan
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Cool stuff, thanks. This one is gorgeous.
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Being an island far, far away from the centre of the world (Euromerica) means the Japanese are always full of magical, incredible things. Vampires and werewolves and goblins get so goddamn boring, but leave it to the Japanese to hit you in the face with freaky girls with long snake necks, or things with teeth in all the wrong places. Truly unique and wonderful.

Some people get worked up over the Japanophilia, but it is good to remember that out of all the "first world" countries, Japan is the only one that is fundamentally non-Western, and this means that while it pumps out entertainment and art on a level that rivals the United States, it is all very unusual (to us).

Thanks for the link. I like imaginary bestiaries like this. I bought one for Tolkien's imaginary world and I enjoy it more than the Lord of the Rings-proper, haa~
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Coincidentally, the Youkai Kentei was just this past weekend. It's sponsored by the Sakaiminato City (Shigeru Mizuki's birthplace) Chamber of Commerce.
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Got to give a shout out to Takashi Miike's entertaining The Great Yokai War.
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...and the yokai-filled Megami Tensei series of video games.
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This makes me think of Jókai bableves. Mmmm.
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Holy crap, The Great Yokai War looks amazing.
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Thanks for the link, Brundlefly. I've been playing Persona 3 lately (an offshoot of the series in lumensimus's link, I highly recommend it and the other games), and it definitely does leave a craving to look into the folklore that inspired the games' monsters.

That said, I find it hopelessly nerdy to admit I learned something from a JRPG, even if it is just Japanese folklore. Not sure if that's my personal stigma or what.
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There's my Chippy!
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Any discussion of yokai should include Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt's Yokai Attack!, which is a great guide to yokai. See also Hunting for the Kappa Monster in Tokyo, part 1.
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Personally, I prefer these youkai. (Safe for work...? Depends on your workplace.)
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miike's great yokai war is amazing. i highly recommend it. i was lucky enough to see it in a theater. i actually have the dvd from netflix sitting on my coffee table right now! (i've been trying to convince my friend, who has a superb video projector, to have a party -- so a bunch of friends can get together and watch it. no luck, yet. but it would be so perfect for the season!)
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Holy crap, The Great Yokai War looks amazing. You're not kidding. Has a homage to Raiders of the lost Ark.
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statting these up for my Pathfinder game, thanks Japan!
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