Post Punk Minimalist Synth Wave
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Zomeeggz's channel of post-proto trance-punk minimalist-futurist synth-wave: Snowy Red - Come On Dance::Holger Hiller::Die Kapazität - Kurzfilm::Mekanik Kommando - Stop And Play::Carol - So Low
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post-proto trance-punk minimalist-futurist synth-wave

Peh! That's clearly ur-proto dance-funk minimalist-suprematist electro-step, noob!
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but seriously, great find
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There's a theorem that says that whenever a music style start getting subgenres with five or more words, a Manowar-equivalent will appear to say they're all posers.
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I say it's Gary Numan and I say to hell with it.

Not really. But come on... "post-proto"?
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Empath's 1st law of dance music:

Given enough time, every genre will have the following subgenres:

Hard, Minimal, Electro-, Funky, -step, Breakbeat, Psychedelic, Hardcore, and Ambient, Post, new-, -punk, -wave.
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Well to be fair, I am using it in the original Latin sense of "post proto" joe, you know, like "ex post facto."
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back in the day, in Vancouver, we just called it Luv Affair music (after the club that played it most consistently)
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Remember when a new or splinter group of a music style was created, people actually found, or just made up, A DAMN SINGLE WORD NOUN to describe it?

These stringed along genre names remind me of how old kings and emperors were named/titled; ex. King Dave, Son of Wally the Fishmonger, Slayer of Steve, Owner of the Laundromat Downtown, Longtime and Dedicated Owner of the Silver 1979 Buick Rivera, Ruler of the High Council of Dry Cleaners.

Off me lawn with ye!

Still, I will at least stand up for Gary Numan. He's cool in my book.
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If I had the power to do so, I'd say all new music styles should alternate through the following groups of nouns, and when we get through with that, then start getting all hyphen-y:

Flavors - (lemon, lime, cherry, pumpernickel, prelene, what have you; "I'm down with the pumpernickel scene")

Furniture - (Ottoman, bookshelf, credenza, davenport, or just some name out of an ikea catalog, etc.)

Types of buildings - (Castle, wigwam, bomb shelter, igloo, villa, etc.)


I just realized somewhere in this comment, a tiny David Byrne and Brian Eno had unknowingly crawled into my head and took over my brain.

Please consider the previous points in the comment just a thought experiment.
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You might also enjoy the channel of mmonus who collects some really interesting early 80s stuff, like the Geniale Dilettanten scene of Berlin: Kosmonautentraum or Die Tödliche Doris, or more obscure Synth Wave stuff like Gorilla Aktiv or Z.S.K.A. (who I think were pretty amazing)
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oops, the Gorilla Aktiv link seems to be broken, sorry. Please try these instead:
Spiegelbild or Das Gesicht
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this channel is pretty great.
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I should contribute actual music to the discussion, rather than my previous goofy sass, there's My Boyfriend the Pilot
posted by chambers at 6:21 PM on October 26, 2009

Always fun to dig around in the corners.
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and from the same time period, different channels, similar style but slightly less proto, and slightly more synthy --


transparent illusion - the age of ridicule


stockholm monsters - the longing

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Remember when a new or splinter group of a music style was created, people actually found, or just made up, A DAMN SINGLE WORD NOUN to describe it?

Most of them are not really genres so much as they are adjectives.

Techno is a genre. Minimal techno is not.
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(cue 80 minimal DJs chiming in that it is)

(you call your music minimal, but I call it simple)
posted by empath at 11:28 PM on October 26, 2009

post-proto trance-punk minimalist-futurist synth-wave

The only word of real descriptive value is synth.
But I dig the music and the channel, thanks.
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Stepping through each of empath's permutations with Bluegrass and Folk was fun, but I'm liking vronsky's "ex post facto" better for, say, any subgenre of jazz.
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FWIW, I knew immediately what you meant by "post-proto trance-punk minimalist-futurist synth-wave" and knew that I would like it.

It sure beats yet another goddamn "classic videogame cover band" thread, anyway. Thanks for this post.
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