Wayne Levin
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Photos by Wayne Levin of surfers, swimmers, fish and more. (-v-)
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More includes whales, which are most impressive.

More on Levin, including additional images. More from Levin, in form of a short video from Hawaii's official tourism site.
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Wow. These make me really, really nostalgic for the time I spent in Hawaii. (Like I need pictures to make me nostalgic for that...)
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Wow...takes me under again. I can't imagine how many pictures he must have taken to get those.

Coincidentally, I just got a waterproof camera. Thanks for the inspiration to go out to the break and see what I can see...even if it won't have that fabulous BW film texture.
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I used to dive a lot in Grand Cayman and the coolest thing I ever saw was a coral cave formation, about the size of a house, 100 yards offshore which, at certain times of the year, would be just full of these little inch long minnows. Millions upon millions of them. You could swim up to them and they would part, and enfold you like a living curtain. You were swimming through an undulating mass of fish that would match every move you made like you were looking at a mirror.
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These are fabulous. If anyone is in NYC and is interested in underwater photograpy, the New York Underwater Photographic Society meets on the first Tuesday of every month. We actually just hosted a talk by Emory Kristof and over 200 people came. Afterwards my girlfriend and I were drinking with him and, man, he's a pretty classic explorer type from the days when National Geographic had a photo R&D budget and could be sweet talked into financing crazy shit.
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Oh, also, I got an old underwater photography book from the days when people used film and the guy was doing all these crazy double exposures where he'd shoot a nudibranch or something with flash while underexposed, then remember which frame it was and go through and add sunbursts later by double exposing the film. I'm glad we have photoshop now, but I'm also glad that people were doing that kind of crazy stuff back in the day.
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Those are great photos, but I'm color blind and even I can't relate to all that black and white.
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Why does the "fish" link lead to a picture of a wicker basket of some sort?
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Beautiful and original stuff. Thanks.
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