A Boy And His Dad...
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A Boy And His Dad... "Bread and butter isn't just a food. It's a metaphor ...Whatever it is that resets you.." I don't want a child of my own, but it's nice to experience glimpses of this father & son dynamic duo thang from Henry's Diary so I know what I'm missing. Thanks for the link, Dreama. And yeah, this was briefly mentioned a year ago, but it's overdue for its due. I like to imagine I'm a tough nut to crack, but this just made me melt. "I wish I was the person my son made me feel I could be when I'm in his arms." everybody! 1-2-3! aaawwwww! now that's sweet!
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A very lucky father and son (even though that's the way it should be). What else can be said of those days of just you and your dad? Those were the very best days of my life. Too bad I'm not a little boy anymore and those days are long past, of thinking just by doing something with dad alone, you were automatically "sneaking around" behind mom's back just by simply going to the bank together. Dad made going to the bank fun and memorable--somehow in a way mom never could. There are times I'm brought to tears just by the idea of his inexorable death---that I'd rather not think about, now that I've been brought to this sentimantal precipice.
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but I remember how special doing things with just my dad was, too. I think it has something to do with him being the non-primary caregiver (and hence, the "fun one"). - rcb
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I'm still disappointed he took down his gallery of anatomically correct sock monkeys. They were great.
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What a great link. Thank you.
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