Basic Sounds
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Basic Sounds is a blog of art and technology blending. Lots of enhanced photos, art installations, modern sculpture, and A/V performance. Modern, abstract, hi-tech, and surreal. Lots of shiny pretty things to look at while you digest. Monthly archives go back to 2003. Nothing NSFW on the main link but I did come across a smattering of NSFW images in the archives.
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Thanks very much for your first post Babblesort.

I happened on a site recently with similarly vivid colorings - Cherubim Arts.
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Nice blog, lots of big pictures of work from artists, designers, and photographers I might not have otherwise stumbled on, like Hugh Kretschmer and Ivan Puig.
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Really cool stuff. I've bookmarked for return visits. Thanks Babblesort!
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I bookmarked this too, thanks!
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Bookmarked! Thanks much!
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