Please believe me, Santa, please. Please and thank you. I've practically been an angel.
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Pee-wee Herman is back. On Twitter. On stage. And for a limited time, you can watch the full Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special on his website.
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Fucking Sweet!!
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Heard any good jokes lately?
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The Secret Word for this thread is, "Iguana."
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"Ha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh!"
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Words cannot express the joy and excitement that I am feeling watching the Christmas Special right now. As a kid, I was possibly the biggest Pee-wee fan ever, and this is bringing back so many memories!

Truly this is a Christmas miracle.
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How sad is it when your comeback leads with a Twitter account. All the has-beens have Twitter accounts now. Even Hitler has a Twitter account.
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Oh my god, I caught the Twitter account when he first started it months ago, and was convinced it was fake. I'm so happy it's real, I could hug an IGUANA.
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The show was supposed to start a month ago at the Henry Fonda. I wonder why it was moved and pushed back?
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Because more money could be made at Nokia. It infuriated many superfans who bought non-refundable plane tickets after scoring good seats in the smaller venue.
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Nostalgia is a powerful drug.

Yeah, but Paul Reubens created a great character which was tragically cut short right at its peak by a stupid tabloid story. Some stuff didn't survive the years so well, but Pee-Wee is a true classic.
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I have tickets for one of the shows in January and I CANNOT STOP COUNTING THE DAYS, even though the secret word of the day re: the Nokia Theater is SUCKS.
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Magic Screen & I are cousins!
Best Christmas Special Ever!
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Mekha leckha hai, meka hini ho. mekha leckha hai, meka chali ho. YOUR WISH BE GRANTED! POOF!

Growing up on Pee Wee's Playhouse explains my gender identity and film tastes so well. It's like John Waters for beginners! Actually, John Waters is Pee Wee for beginners.

Also, Captain Carl RIP.
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I seriously need this right now. I've had a rough year and I'm not alone.
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Knock knock?
Who's there?
E Who?
E Guana!

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*grabs popcorn with hole in the bottom*
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His HBO special from the early 80's was re-aired recently and I was able to DVR it. My sister and I used to watch a VHS tape of that we recorded over and over and over again. We especially loved the ending where he's flying and singing about being the luckiest boy in the world.
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Pee-wee rules.
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Bring it to NYC PeeWee!

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Oh, a sailor travels to many lands
Anywhere he pleases!
But he always remembers to wash his hands
So's he don't catch no diseases!
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If you love it so much, then why don't you marry it?
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Coming in a theatre near you.
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I watch a lot of Sesame Street with my kids now. It's okay.

I really miss PeeWee's Playhouse. It was brilliant.

Reubens is a genius, and I honestly hope he's recognized as such.
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Nobody Somebody hipped me to that, dude
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Last year, I was watching my copy of Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special and delighting and marveling at how joyfully weird it was. I decided my boyfriend's sister and brother-in-law really needed a copy because they like that kind of stuff (I'm sure they'd seen it before). I told them that it was more a present for the two of them since I figured their five-year-old daughter was probably too young for it (not that there was anything objectionable, just that I figured she probably wouldn't get a lot of it).

How wrong I was. The daughter started watching every day. She kept requesting it. It became her favorite thing to watch. And I thought that was pretty wonderful. I hope they get it out again for her this year.
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Don't eat the yellow snow--heh, heh!
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I will be the globe.
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I hear they are making a new Pee Wee comic, too. I wonder if it will translate well to print. So much of Pee Wee's greatness comes from the voices and sound effects of the cast of characters. You know?
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Thank you for reminding me that it's time for the annual viewing. The special is/was available on DVD.
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Being a very loyal fan, I was one of the first people to get tickets for his show the day it was announced. Pulled out a charge card on August 12th when I had NO spending money whatsoever, and splurged on floor seats for Nov. 20th. It was a nightmare for me and hundreds of others when they cancelled the show at the Music Box Theatre, refunded our money without notification, and made us buy new tickets to a show that was at a bigger venue so they could seat bigger audiences. No more floor seats offered and those of us who had discount codes for our original seats were told our discounts wouldn't be honored for the new venue (the Nokia).

I'm one of the only people I know who had tickets for the first show and decided to still go after it was moved to the new location and dates. My new tickets are for February 4th. I will have waited almost HALF A YEAR to see a show I paid for. I was so excited back in August, but now it's hard to be as into it. It wasn't even as much of an inconvenience for me as it was for other people... I feel horrible for the people who booked hotels and plane flights to go to the shows. I voiced my complaints and Paul Reuben's manager sent an apologetic e-mail to me... I guess all of the original ticket holders have a chance to meet him backstage now because they know they made a mistake. I still can't really get myself excited anymore, and I'm really kind of bummed about that. It was such a fun nostalgic spontaneous thing when we first bought the tickets. It was special. We were THRILLED. Now I can't quite get myself to care. It's a bummer.

I hope when I'm at the show I can shake my disinterest and reignite some of my lost affections. Seeing him on tv so far hasn't done it. Maybe if they can get Laurence Fishburne to show up and play Cowboy Curtis, that'll help. Nothing would make me happier than if they got Phil Hartman to come back from the dead though. Anyhow who knows, maybe I'll totally change my mind before then. I've still got two long months of waiting left.
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Pee-Wee's just been on Conan and Leno, and the appearances are totally different but both totally sublime.
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