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Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association.

Today afternoon my sister just showed me this and told me how nice it would be for me to get involved in something like it and do some social work. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but decided to give the letter a look and see. Seems like the MFPA association were really worth their salt. What I didn’t expect was the Criticism to come.
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So, who do you believe? I know it’s so easy to be cynical in today’s world, but it’s such a good cause if it is true, on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t as ethical as they claimed it to be. Any thoughts??? Should this even matter?? After all the money will be going to those who need it. But, there are those bastards who'll skim from the top. Doesn't that happen everywhere though. Should I really care at the expense of someone who really will do some good with the money. Heck, maybe I should just give it to the person concerned and cut out the middle man.

Sorry for wasting your time. Dumb question...
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"One of the main themes of Arnulf Ercih Stegmann's credo was that the new international Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists must never be regarded as a charity because many of its members were in wheelchairs or even hospitals beds. To him the key word was "partnership" - the word "charity" was as abhorrent to him as the word "pity" - and the Association has always proclaimed that it is not a charity and does not qualify for charitable assistance." — cite

The worldwide organization is very clear about being a for-profit operation, not a charity. If the Indian branch of The Association is taking advantage of its artists, then the local management needs to be researched.
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Thanks for picking up on that netbros. I'd read it in the link but I guess it hadn't registered yet. Oh yeah, and the Indian branch of their association has not in any way taken advantage of its members, at least not to my limited knowledge.
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Every year we used to get the bundle of MFPA cards in the mail. My mum would always think about sending them back, but since you have no obligation to pay for goods that you did not order, every year we used them for people we kinda-sorta liked, but not enough to buy cards for.
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