The Human Survey
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The Human Survey is a photo project by Nathan Jones.

"We want to go from city to city and shoot thousands of portraits. We average a portrait every minute, and shoot just about every person that walks by us."
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People are OK I guess
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Man, the right lighting can make anyone look Impregnated With Meaning.
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The result of the survey is: People are Awesome!
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I'm doing a similar project in my city in 2011; in fact, I've just been chosen to be the Artist-in-Residence that year to do it. I'll be shooting portraits of hundreds of people at dozens of events in the city, all with reasonably consistent lighting.

The photos will be used in 2012 as seed media for the city Centennial celebrations for print, online and video presentations, including some pretty awesome building-side projections courtesy of Christie Digital (a local company you may have heard of). There will be a coffee-table book created as well.

About seventy prototype photos here: Portrait Project.
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Clay Enos has been doing this for years... Here's neat little how-to video he did.

disclaimer, Clay is a friend of mine, he also did the still photos for Watchmen and is working on the stills for "Sucker Punch" as well.
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Chris Irion has also been doing this with The Photobooth Project. Who was first?
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Here's Clay's shoot from Burning Man
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I think most of the work on the photographer's web site is far stronger that his Human Survey photographs.
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Here's Clay's shoot from Burning Man.

I like this one!
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Weirdly, it's not very well-lit. Cool idea.
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Oh hai I'm in some of his earlier pictures. This is super cool to see him getting the respect he deserves. Dude spends a lot of time on his projects. and is very dedicated to his craft.
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