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Five Elastic Years of infosthetics.com — On the occasion of the recent fifth birthday of infosthetics.com, they thought a bit about the archival nature of the whole enterprise. With (almost) daily updates about fresh projects from visualization and information aesthetics, about 1950 different projects have been described and documented. This is a first step towards making this growing archive more accessible: a custom adaptation of the elastic lists principle for the 1950 posts of infosthetics.com.

"5 years ago, the very first post [web.archive.org] appeared on infosthetics.com. It was a short description of how the name of the blog came to be. This was then followed by an entry detailing some sort of funky Bluetooth Christmas tree, but quickly turned into more relevant posts highlighting still timeless visualization pieces like Ecotonoha, Ten by Ten and the still impressive Degree Confluence Project. Much has happened since then. Or to be more precise, about 1950 published entries." [previously]
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Any fancy UI that disables keyboard navigation is broken.
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Nice. If I had a lot more energy, I'd try and make an elastic lists plugin for Wordpress archives.

Everything I see on the net lately, I'm seeing through Wordpress-coloured glasses. I got to cut down on the WP-ing a bit.
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