Wendi, of slumberland.org,
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Wendi, of slumberland.org, gets to keep her house! I don't think it's actually on her website yet, but these days the only way to be weblogger #1 is to log something before it happens. If you see Wendi and Jason at The Speakeasy, be sure to buy them a latte.
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Here's her page on their home. Librarians were trying to take over? I mean, really, Librarians?
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Dammit, Joe, you scooped me. :) I just got home from a little celebratory dinner with Jason. I'm still a little overwhelmed by it all, but eventually I'll post more about it on my site.

It was definitely a weird day. I was interviewed in my house by folks from KING5 TV, then when I went down to the library meeting to meet Jason, the live remote truck was parked there. It was there because of this story, and they found out about it because I e-mailed them a press release and they read my website. It was really an odd feeling to know that the media fuss was partially because of something we did.
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not all librarians were trying to take her house...

We here at librarian.net were hoping Wendy could
keep her house. Lattes on me next time you're at the Speakeasy, Wendy!

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Nothing against Librarians in general, Jess - It's just the EVIL LIBRARY FROM DIMENSION X... You can tell the difference because all of the evil librarians have goatees.
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