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Best known as an Indonesian handicraft, batik is a distinctive technique for textiles that has been used for millennia and can be found as far away as Egypt, Ghana, China and India. An integral part of daily life in Java, batik has spread around the world as a wellknown artform as well as clothing. From its hippy heyday to the smart couture outfits of the Singapore Girl, batik is still daily wear for many and the equivalent of black tie in the ASEAN. posted by infini (9 comments total) 13 users marked this as a favorite
When I lived in Senegal a friend was doing a documentary on small business success stories, and one was a batik shop. It was just an open-air stand on N'Gor island, but apparently they exported a lot of what they made to Brazil.

One day when things were slow they offered to give me and my girlfriend a factory tour. I imagined a wooden shed with some vats of dye bubbling away, but in reality it was just four plastic buckets lined up on the cliff over the ocean and a small campfire with a cauldron of boiling water.

They mixed lye and hot water in one bucket, along with pigment, making a huge cloud of steam. Vinegar and cold water went in another. What was really cool is that the piece they dyed came out dark yellow-orange, but dried to dark purple after it was hung up.
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I especially loves my Caribbean batik shirt from St Kitts and still going strong after 10 years.
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burhanistan, and then we have the malaysians laying claim to it...
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Now now, let's not let our regionalistic emotionalisms get away with us.
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de facto uniform at local Indonesian gatherings for Western men who married Indonesian women.

What this thread needs is the IMG tag.
B-stan, what's the hukum on pure silk shirts for men? Encountered any SE Asia qawl on the issue? Alternatively, run into any formal-event-quality batik not produced on pure silk? I look damn good in my batik the few times a year I need to wear one, but the conscience does nag.
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Dad had crisp cotton long sleeved batik shirts for all his formal events back in the day, with a few pineapple fabric ones from the Philippines thrown in for good measure. I don't recall silk being a must... have things changed?
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Mmm, yeah, I can't find anything but silk when I shop, except for low quality polyester machine prints, and I don't see anyone rock anything but silk at the functions I attend.
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Well it looks like I'm going to have to make that trip to the batik motherland sooner rather than later.
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An ex specializes in creating fashion with batik out of Bali and India.
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