“A person’s navel is on his belly while the world’s navel is on the Pamirs”.
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Matthieu Paley is an award winning photographer who for the last ten years has been working mainly in the Western Himalaya especially the the Pamirs, Wakhan Corridor, Tajikistan and Kyrgystan.( The site takes a little time to load but is well worth the wait.
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Wow, thanks for posting this. Beautiful photographs.
posted by Lobster Garden at 12:39 PM on December 19, 2009

Wow, these photographs are really amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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Seriously great work - while it might be easy to make a dramatic photo in Afghanistan, these are done with skill under difficult conditions. Great find!

(though the site is terrible - those images really need to be fullscreen)
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Just started going through these and wanted to pop in to the thread to say thanks, these are great, adamvasco.
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Amazing. Just that.
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Photo number 25 in the "Kashmir at peace" series is a man with an absrdly long rifle. What is that, some sort of ultra-long-range sniper rifle? Kashmiri novelty gun?
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Joakim Ziegler, if you look to the left of the imagine you're currently looking at you'll see an icon that has an 'I' on it. Hit it, might take a few times; it's an info option that display information about the image.
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I mean the right.
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Amazing photos. The closest I ever got to this region was Tashkurgan and the Chinese side of the Sino-Pakistani border. Wish I had the balls of this guy to venture over to the Afghan side. Thanks for posting this.
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WOW! What a contrast between the mountains and island photos.
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Whew, just got back on my flying carpet from this great tour. Amazing photos.
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Putting the 'oomph' into omphalos. Great link, adamvasco.
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Wow, those are really, really, really great. Thank you for posting.
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