Best. Rescue. Ever.
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Tthe U.S. Coast Guard has announced the 2009 list of its top 11 videos. These 11 videos are considered finalists for the video of the year and each video is a tribute to one of the Coast Guard's eleven missions. Beginning today (Dec. 21, 2009) the Coast Guard will highlight one video per day on its "Compass" blog. People are invited to vote for video of the year via YouTube's rating and comment system. The voting will end January 8, 2010. (Previously)
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I spent four years in the Coast Guard in the early nineties, and when I think of it now it's usually the institutional craziness I recall, and my frustration with it. These videos are a reminder that there really is a purpose to it all, and they do their job 24/7, 365.

Semper Paratus.
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Another good video.
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My vote goes to the rescue swimmer who was in the heavy surf at 5:35. I wouldn't want to go into that stuff for my day job.
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I'm still in awe of what the Coast Guard did in the aftermath of Katrina. Those guys saved a lot of lives during that tragedy.
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Heh. Coast Guard goes to 11. sorry, somebody had to do it

Seriously, though, the Coasties are awesome. In the original, most respectful sense of the word. I loved the part where the US Navy called the Coast Guard to rescue a sick crewman off one of their submarines. I'm sure there was a perfectly good reason they didn't do it themselves, but still that must have hurt.
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Oof. Should be a paragraph break in there - snarking on the Navy is not part of the awesome.
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I know there's interservice rivalry, Quietgal, but the official line was completely appreciative.
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The newer trend of them being gung ho military drug interceptors, not so much.

That's not new at all.
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