Bye Bye, T.C.
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Arnold Stang has passed away at the age of 91. While best known as a movie 'milquetoast' (co-owner of the gas station Jonathan Winters destroys in "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"; sidekick to 'Arnold Strong' in "Hercules in New York"), he was also a cartoon voice actor who was the pugnacious mouse 'Cousin Hoiman' in in the repetitive "Herman & Catnip" toons and the alley-cat-con-man "Top Cat" (channeling Phil Silvers).
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Goodnight sweet nebbish...

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He had a funny voice and knew how to use it to his comedic advantage, but he also had great comedic timing and could get a big laugh from his expression and the anticipation of what he was about to say. I love all of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, but that gas station segment still cracks me as much as it did the first time I saw it in grade school.

I just listened to his Waggish Tales album from the late fifties not too long ago - two weird and enthusiastic readings of Peter And The Wolf and Ferdinand The Bull. I got it thinking it was comedy record, but it's a children's album. But still quite fun.
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I just read about this. He had a long life, and memorable career.

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for the record, I'm not too thrilled with ObitFilter and after seeing Kim Peek and Anne Nixon Cooper (not to mention Duke Nukem and the last tiger in India), I thought today had been enough of a downer already. But I am a lifelong cartoon freak who grew upon early Hanna-Barbera and "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" was the first movie I was allowed to see without my parents (and got in trouble because I sat through the 3-hour epic twice, causing my parents much worry), so I did this reluctantly and worked to provide multiple links (The "Madx4 World" site is the work of MeFi's Own stavrosthewonderchicken).


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Here's a somewhat recent interview with Arnold discussing Top Cat. And if you want to see him working, here's some sitcom action with Arnold (Broadside with Dick Sargent).
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I loved Top Cat. I loved the Phil Silvers show, too, and they're basically the same.
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Oh, I loved him. He was one of those guys you saw everywhere in everything. And I loved Top Cat and never realized he was the voice of that character.

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Aw, man.
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Odd to see this in the paper today after we watched the [overwrought, cheesy, dated] Man With the Golden Arm on Sunday. Stang was definitely a notable (and familiar seeming) presence in the film.
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He had a funny voice....

More than one, it appears. I had no idea he was Top Cat.
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Yeah, Top Cat was quite a different character from what he usually portrayed.

Funny man.

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No, no, no!
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Just today I was reading this piece on Arnold Stang at WFMU's website.
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I remember AS from the Milton Berle Show (early 1950s) where he was a regular with a dumb recurring gag--whenever anyone said "make up", he would rush out with a huge fluffy mop-head full of powder and hit Berle with it.

Stang & Berle can be seen here here starting at about 1'18''. Searching youtube for Stang Berle got quite a number of other hits too.
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I highly recommend "Hercules in New York" for the next time you're in the mood for a movie so bad it's good.

. (I feel like it should be a smaller than normal .)
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I loved 'Top Cat' too (except it was called 'Boss Cat' in the UK because of a cat food sold here called 'Top Cat'. But the credits were exactly the same, and I never tired of either the opening or closing credits.

I would never have put the nerdy face of Arnold Stang with the coolest cat on TV, but thank you, Arnold, for giving me such happy TC times in my childhood.
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