Not even canines
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Not even canines are safe from road rage. God I hate San Jose. Even if the guy's from Virginia, there's just something about this place that turns people into monsters, and not the good kind like mummies and werewolves.
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Oh man, that's just sick! I've certainly felt rage bubbling up inside me on the freeway, and I've certainly yelled (indirectly, from inside my car) at other drivers or even flipped them off - but I've also seen several examples of people *causing* accidents by doing something really stupid, and then completely losing it with the victims of their stupidity. To not only lose it, but kill an innocent pet is just freaking insane. That's someone who will attempt to kill another human at some point in his life.

I'm probably personalizing because the dog is a Bichon, which is the kind of dog my folks had for years (one of them died of old age, the other retired to my grandmother's house) - they're ... well they're amazingly sweet tempered dogs who would never intentionally hit you with their car. I know this German Sheperd though, and if they find this guy I bet he'd drive up there and beat the crap out of him.
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It got picked up as a news story.
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