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retired postal worker & struggling songwriter bingo gazingo, is dead.

achieving his greatest fame courtesty of metafilter-favorite wfmu after appearing on one of irwin chusid's songs in the key of z compilations, he gained attention here and there, and was once profiled in the ny times.

a sometimes-collaborator of my robot friend, gazingo was still chasing fame when he was mowed down by a cab on his way to a gig. a regular at the bowery poetry club, someone should tell these folks that bingo is now & forever, out of the computer.

tribute here, videos here. previously
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Oh no! "You're Out Of The Computer" is such a great song.
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grrrrr. 1st link is to his myspace, should be http://www.myspace.com/bingogazingo. mods, can you fix? thanks.
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He's out of the computer.
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JLo is one of the best things on the internet ever.

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I think I still have the note where I scribbled "you're out of the computerrrrr" after hearing that song on WFMU while driving south on the NJ Turnpike. Man, almost 10 years ago.

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