Exploring Monochrome
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Exploring monochrome. Paco Pomet -|- Devin Leonardi. Some of my favorites include Internacional, and Gatun Lake. Pomet uses primarily oil on canvas, and Leonardi acrylic on paper.
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I was just talking at camera club tonight with another B&W fanatic about how photography seems to have formed a whole new visual language centred around the limitations of monochrome, certainly due to a couple of centuries of technological limitation. While there's charcoal and pen drawing, it doesn't seem (to this perhaps unworldly photographer) that the painting world has really explored monochrome - much of the classic work has been colour, even when abstract. Therefore cool and timely that you should post this.

Though I am puzzled (but thoroughly amused) by the presence of a Sesame St character riding shotgun with some bandits. Don't quite see the mono connection.
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nice... i scrolled the pages before I checked out your favorites... those are the two i responded the most to as well...
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Pomet's are really amazing. Thanks, netbros.
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I think Paco Pomet is a phenomenal artist, and I'm glad to see his work featured here. Internacional, in particular, really struck me.
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Pomet's are astonishing.

This one, in particular, for me. These two are close behind, though.

Thanks netbros, I love these artist posts.
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