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For the first time since closing its dedicated UFO desk in December, the Ministry of Defence today released online records of all recorded UK UFO sightings between 1994 and 2000. It should be noted that the MOD itself remains sceptical at best, despite frequent recorded sightings of a mysterious blue police box.
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Ah, yes. the legend of the sainted physician.
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In the US we call them "grays", whereas in the UK, they are referred to as "greys".

[Sorry, the "sceptical" threw me into a tangent.]

Must be nice to have a government practising* disclosure.

*Am I doing it right?
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Ha, I assumed the PDF file names contained the year the sightings were made (e.g. DEFE 24/1980/1 = 1980), and was confused to scan down the list and see a link to "DEFE 24/2029/1".
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That report was filed at UNIT headquarters by one Smith, Dr John.
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According to a MoD worker employed in their closed UFO department, this is the fifth release of such information.
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