The most annoying email I've ever gotten
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The most annoying email I've ever gotten Apparently, someone has a crush on me. That's what the email said. Give crushlink valid (they check) email addresses and you get lame hints as to who sent the email to you. I've never seen a better email harvesting system than this. Pure evil!
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That is insidious.
At least my e-mail come-ons have the decency to be pornographic.
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this crushlink service singlehandedly disrupted the entire cincinnati community (well, maybe that's an exaggeration.)... i got one a couple months ago, and made a couple guesses as to who it was from, not thinking it would send the same message to all of them.. they in turn did the same... and the recipients of that ludicrosity also... etc. etc. ad infinitum... before you know it, everyone thinks someone likes them when no one really does, we're all left unsatisfied by not finding out who this supposed person who likes us is, and then as you all heard, riots broke out in cincinnati... ::sigh::
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I'm disappointed by the total lack of crush videos. What kind of dating service is this?
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at least you got a crush email, i received:
not one person in our database even vaguely thinks they have a crush on fact our records show that no one even thinks you could be considered "a swell guy" at all. So we here at crushlink thought we would jump on the bandwagon and tell you what a complete knee-biter you are.
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i got one of these a few months ago. They spread like wildfire around another board I post at, so I think it stemmed from there. I started receiving a wackload of emails, which promptly got sent to the delete file via filtering. This is bad, bad, bad.

And I never did find out who crushed on me. Hmmph.
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At least yours was relatively non-threatening. Mine read "Someone loathes you, and may at this very moment be training the cross-hairs of a high-powered rifle on your left eyeball."

under the desk


the infinitely prolonged
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Hey th3ph17, there IS someone who has a crush on you! But first I'll need your bank account number and mother's maiden name.
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Well, now I don't feel so bad for signing in when I got my email. I definitely didn't make any guesses once I figured out what was happening. Besides, I know exactly who has a crush on me. All 50 of them. ;)

Obviously these guys don't understand that duping someone into going to your site isn't the same as gaining a customer.
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Don't do it Kafkaesque!!! Witchstone is up to no good. I can really help you find your crush, but I will need your social security number!
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True. But what's more valuable to a spammer (or e-mail reseller) than active accounts?

Hey th3ph17, there IS someone who has a crush on you! But first I'll need your bank account number and mother's maiden name.

You mean, something as clever as this?
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Anyone who would use the word "crush" instead of normal word like hot, hard on, etc is a teen at best (crush?) and is to be avoided.
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a better idea -- "someone is out to kill you" -- enter the names and email addys of those you most want dead to see hints as to who it is.
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Reminds me of hotmail - every time I send email, I get this annoying little message that "at least 1 person wants to chat with you on MSN Messenger". I know that couldn't be true.
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Sounds like just what was going on at ...
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Has anyone recieved the follow up email from this?
After I checked it out the first time, and figured out the scam, I didn't input any email addresses. A few days later I recieved a second email telling me that they would give me a THIRD clue (umm, what happened to the second one? and the damn first one for that matter?), all I had to do was fill out a profile at or someplace like that that it redirected me to. Pure evil (and stupid obvious evil at that).
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Rather than bother to find out who added your email addy to this filthy harvester, and if your wickedly dastardly enough for the job, you could just dish out an old voodoo curse to the most likely suspect and get out your imaginary pin. Now i know it'd be wrong, and you'd risk going to hell, but it's not all that much more wrong than not doing it.
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Crushmail's server is not smart enought to catch the obvious - In my explorations of this spam cabal I listed as one of my crushes. It accepted it as valid.
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