Death of a singular composer
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Argentine folklore composer, pianist and director Ariel Ramírez died last night after a long illness. Those who know of him abroad probably do so for his Misa Criolla. This is just the (deservedly famous) tip of a giant iceberg of Argentine music, as he was teacher to many, collaborator to a lot more, cataloguer and promoter of traditional folk music and dances, and defender of local composers rights since his early years of fame.

Official site (Spanish only), Wikipedia page, Gloria from the Misa Criolla (by Los Fronterizos and Coro de la Catedral de San Isidro), cueca Juana Azurduy from Mujeres Argentinas (by Illapu), zamba Alfonsina y el Mar also from M.A. (by Mercedes Sosa), zamba Volveré Siempre a San Juan (by Ramírez himself with Marian Farías Gomez), zamba La Tristecita (by Cacho Tirao), triunfo Conquistemos el Sol (by Ramírez and Lolita Torres), Nacimiento del Charango (by Ramírez and Jaime Torres), Milonga Campera (by del Solar and Temporelli).
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I know of him via Richard Buckner's song (which lots of other people have heard via a Volkswagen (or some-such) commercial).

I know a guy who has the song on mp3--he'd probably send it to anyone who was interested.
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Once heard the Misa criolla sung at an inner-city Latino church in Detroit. As the music began, children came down the aisles and threw plastic flowers into the pews. One of the most charmed evenings of music I've ever experienced, and Ramírez is one of the few contemporary "classical" composers whose music lives in the hearts of ordinary folk.
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i've had Misa Criolla sitting on my turntable for a couple of weeks. I will spin it again tonight in your honor Ariel.

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Santo, santo, santo
Señor Dios del universo
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