65 RedRoses
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65_RedRoses is Eva Markvoort’s online handle—chosen because red is her favourite colour, and because when she was little, 65 Roses was how she said Cystic Fibrosis, the genetic disease she’s battled her whole life. Her wait for a double lung transplant, and her online friendship with two other young women battling CF are documented in the award-winning film 65_RedRoses.

After receiving her lung transplant two years, Eva has since had to battle with chronic rejection. Eva made an video on Feb 11th, announcing that things have taken a turn for the worse. As friends and family wait with her, every extra day becomes a gift and brings new hope.
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I saw her at a Vancouver Film Festival party last year and she did come across as sweet and upbeat as she does in her blog. I'm hoping for a miracle, too.
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Ditto on the miracle. My thoughts are with her.
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I played Monopoly with Eva and some mutual friends shortly after her transplant. She so doesn't deserve this.
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Wow. Lots of love to her.
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This is beautiful, and I wish her so much well. Thank you for this.
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The documentary
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Note: Documentary link only works in Canada.
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Her strength and spirit really won over myself and others last year when 65_RedRoses played at Hot Docs, I'm sad to hear this news, I hope despite the outcome she is surrounded by love from people who knew her or not. Aww, sad.
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Thank you for sharing this. I love the pictures of her and her friends and family.

The stoics had a saying that best judge of an individual's character is adversity; after all, it's much easier to be happy, kind, and generous when everything is going well for you.

One cannot help but be impressed and humbled that Eva -- for all that she is going through -- is still managing to radiate intelligence, humor, charm, and thoughtfulness. Now think of what this says about so many normal (healthy, financially secure, etc.) who are incapable of showing this kind of strength of character in normal life, or who crack under a fraction of Eva's adversity. Or how many people lead unexamined lives, who are more or less unaware of or indifferent to world around them. Or worse, how many people who enjoy so many blessings in life nevertheless make the world a more miserable place, through greed, hate, selfishness, etc.

You don't have to canonize Eva or exaggerate the impact of what she's done in sharing her experience to say, without hyperbole, that the world could use more Eva's. We all could.

And not to derail, but just as an aside, that some note should be made that in all of challenges that Eva, her family and friends are enduring, it's nice to know that the family isn't facing bankruptcy to compound the tragedy of her illness. There are plenty of Eva's on this side of the border who never would have had an opportunity to receive a life-saving transplant because they did not have insurance, or were dropped... or, even if they did receive treatment, would nevertheless face bankruptcy as a result.
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My brother in law is eight years post double lung transplant (CF, as well) - he's facing the same chronic rejection Eva is, although thankfully it's progressing at a much slower pace. Neither he nor Eva would still be here if not for organ donation so if you're not already signed up, please consider doing so today. stray linked to the BC site but if you're in the US, here's where you can go for more info.
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Thank you for sharing this so much! I didn't know about her or the documentary, and as someone who both researches and takes care of lung transplant recipients and patients with end-stage lung diseases, I learned a lot from it and plan to share it with any interested patients.
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I'm sitting here doing my CF therapy that I hate and I don't do enough or as much as I should or with as much focus as I should. I tried, but I simply couldn't finish that video. My voice sounds like her (but not as weak.) Its horrifying to me.

I try not to think of dying of this stupid disease, although I end up thinking of it every day. I cannot possibly explain to you all what a terrible, awful, horrible, tiring, life-sucking, and disheartening disease CF is and I hate it with everything in me. The only plus side is that, like Eva, it has made me appreciate, every single day, my friends, my family, my life, and most especially my husband and 2 perfect girls. Every single day I realize how lucky I am to have the love and life I have and continue to have.

If I take anything from Eva, its to take care of myself NOW so I don't get to her stage anytime soon. Take care of what I have now. the way my doctors are always telling me to do. The way I KNOW I should but never find the time (with working and two kids and life blazing by me.)

May the end bring you peace, Eva. May you find clear lungs, deep breaths, the ability to laugh without coughing, the ability to run and be free in the afterlife that you have been denied in this life. I'm sure you are sad, so sad, but also so tired of the fight. So tired.

I don't think I will check back to her website to see what happends. I don't think I want to know.

Peace to you, Eva.
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An update: Eva received her fine arts degree from the University of Victoria on February 24. Thanks to her sister and UVic faculty members, the process was expedited so Eva could have her degree conferred in time.
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an update: Eva's life continues, with its ups and downs
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