Google suggestions in lovely tree form
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What Do You Suggest? is a supercool way of visually exploring the suggestions Google offers as you type, suggestions that have long served to baffle and amuse. If you can't find your own intriguing suggestion tree, use the random word or question option...
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Oh, I love this.

Is My Girlfriend

Is My Boyfriend

Can A Human

Can My Parents

And, obligatory: Metafilter
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Sadly, you can't do "Is My Penis" due to Safesearch.
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...but apparently my erection is normal.
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I, for one, welcome our new...
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Is my cat trying...?
(The answer is yes).
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It's normal for up to four hours. Then you should run away from yourself at top speed because it's about to explode like a mission impossible briefing.
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Why is my
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Rob Cockerham explored this recently.
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Why do Pakistanis...

Baffling, sad, and amusing all at the same time.

I notice a few search auto suggestions don't activate. I'm guessing there's some kind of PC police force at Google? Or is there a auto suggestion mode function I'm not aware of, similar to Google Image search?
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Americans get it far worse. And if you were to go by the reading material they sell at the grocery store, you'd think this was spot-on.
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How do I get blood out of a ...

(darn, no satanic tunics)
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uncanny hengeman, I spent a whole afternoon last week exploring racist suggestions on Google after I discovered you need only type "why" to get the suggestion "why are black people so loud". (It's actually become more popular since, moving up to second in the list.) The internet can be so gross. But this site is one of the nice parts.

Anyway, I suppose it's better than when people ask those questions to your face. Recently, in a bar in Brittany, an extremely drunk German peered into my mouth and asked me, mournfully and in slow motion: "Why do black people have such perfect teeth?"

My dear, the better to eat you with.
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I'm still tickled that "Why can't I ... own a Canadian" is the top hit.
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Wow, "Why are Americans so" leads to

- stupid
- fat
- ignorant
- religious
- dumb
- lazy
- obese
- violent
- arrogant
- rude

All negative. AMERICA! HELL YEAH!
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Wow, "Why are Americans so" leads to
- fat
- obese

We're not hungry, we're preparing for war!
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Google, you autocomplete me.
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One of my favorite bloggers had a hilarious entry on this recently.
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Oh wow, I love the graphics and how slick this site is :) I doggedly maintain Suggest of the Day because the suggest feature keeps making me laugh :)
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This is really neat.
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