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Friday Flash Fun: Redder is an exploration-based platformer by Auntie Pixelante. It's a little bit like VVVVVV, but with a red/green block switching mechanic instead of a gravity switching one.
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Via TIGSource.
posted by Rinku at 6:30 PM on March 11, 2010

I recall the Medievalist Blog stating something to the effect of 'Video games are like books, but are mostly about jumping.'

It looks nice, though!
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The graphics and style remind me of Jet Set Willy.

Now, back to playing.
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Ack the dungeon got too big too fast for my 8-bit trained brain.
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i liked it at first, but it desperately needs a map.
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It does have a map, hit M.
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It does have a map, hit M.

Yea, but it's not a detailed map. It wasn't super helpful, and I had to go by memorization on a lot of things.

I wouldn't call it a VVVVVV like, it's too slow for that even though it is just as hard. It reminds me a lot more of Knytt Stories.
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I'm liking the atmosphere and the fairly relaxed gameplay. I've only seen a couple of rooms so far that required anything gutsy.

Is anyone else seeing a random block appear in each screen? It changes if I go in and out of the screen, but it always seems to be on a solid tile.
I hope it doesn't turn out to be an intentional element later in the game. At first I thought they might be secret doors, but they seem too random.
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friday flash fun--for the non red/green colorblind.

but seriously, this reminds me of the type of game that took up a good chunk of my commodore 64 days.

i find it ironic that often games of such graphical simplicity offer me a greater feeling of exploration and discovery than the latest and greatest graphical showcases. i figure it's because i'm required to use more of my own imagination.
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I was also getting that, lucidium, and also was afraid that it was intentional. If it is, when you get enough of the power cores (or whatever they are) the game is pretty much unplayable, so I stopped.
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Yep, the flashing is intentional. It gets worse and worse until the last few are almost unplayable. Then when you get the last one, it all switches to Pong-level graphics - nothing but flat-colored rectangles, and no flashing. You go back to the ship, take off, and nothing much happens.

It's kind of an annoying game mechanic.
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It's not a game mechanic, actually. It's just a graphics effect, and I really liked it.

It's like... remember Metroid? When you found a secret passage in it, and they were weird and unpolished enough that it felt somehow like you got out of the area you were supposed to be in? Castlevania II had secrets that went even further, where you could actually go into the black areas outside the level boundries. The glitchy graphics are kind of like that, a nod to the fact that it's just a video game, so when the world is getting drained of power, instead of depicting it realistically, she did it like you'd imagine a video game world would do it: by glitching the graphics.

(Disclaimer: I've been known to converse over IM with the estemed Miss Anthropy once in a while.)
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(Also, the game was hard? Most of the action was fairly simple. The really hard part of it was all the wall switch puzzles, which are taken to rather extreme lengths here.)
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Ah, blast. If I'd just found one more diamond the effect would have become obvious enough that it was clearly intentional.
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I really connected with this game. The glitching, the terrain, even the simplistic ending. I almost couldn't log off last night to go to sleep and had to spend my evening finishing it up. I mapped out three areas to get the last three diamonds (which would've felt like cheating if it wasn't such a PITA to do xD)

My boyfriend keeps saying it's just Knytt all over again, but I've never played that, and so for now, I like this.
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Knytt all over again isn't a bad thing, perhaps.
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Knytt all over again isn't a bad thing, perhaps.

Knytt all over again is awesome.

And yea, the fact that redder doesn't have metroid like upgrades means it does have a different feel to redder. This isn't a bad thing.
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