Too skinny? Try Super Wate-On!
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Gypsy Creams is dedicated to 1960's women's magazines - particularly the advertising - and is a fascinating insight into the issues of the day. Need to gain weight? Are you too hairy? Tired and depressed? Maybe you want to make your burnt finger worse. The answers are here, selected from the pages of magazines such as Woman's Own and Woman's Weekly. Gypsy Creams biscuits? Sorry, they're pretty rare these days.
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We Must Have More Cheese. They sure knew how to address the big issues of the day head-on back then!
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Holy moley, my grandfather had some of that Super Wate-On stuff. It didn't help, you could've used him to clean chimneys. I've never seen or heard of it anywhere else.
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What's grosser than gross?

Adding that yeast pill to "We Must Have More Cheese".
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I love this...thanks...
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Sure she isn't constipated anymore. She just stinks. And she's skinny so you know she doesn't have any friends.
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Are you too hairy?

Well, I guess we've made progress of a sort, as a quick Google for "hairy women" will demonstrate any number of modeling opportunities for the hirsute lass.
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I remember those biscuits from my first year in Britain! The lady I lived with called them "Romany creams," which I guess is slightly less awful. But ohgod those biscuits were good. I was really sad about not being able to find them after that year. BOURBON CREAMS ARE NO SUBSTITUTE.
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I'll admit, I'm confused by who exactly is putting on that cheese advert. The fine print reads: THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS ISSUED BY THE CHEESE BUREAU TO MAKE YOU THINK. Is that "The Cheese Bureau" or "The Cheese Bureau To Make You Think"? I'm really hoping it's the latter. Please, please, please let it be the latter. I'd really like to find some letterhead from "The Cheese Bureau To Make You Think".

Unfortunately, Google knows too much, and search results point to the former being the actual agency name. Also, I found the following via google: The Cheese Bureau promoted a lunch of bread, beer, cheese and pickles during the 1950s, and there was a Cheese Bureau Advertising Compilation (1964). I found no videos online for that compilation, but I did find some related jingles in text form.
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I can't stop looking at this and all the links therein. I am in an internet vortex. Please make it stop! No don't make it stop, I love it so much. Yay!
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filthy light thief, I had the same thought and, remarkably enough, the same hope for stationery goods. Then I realized that I am a proper grown-up...

... which means I can order my own stationery embossed "From The Cheese Bureau To Make You Think"! And business cards!
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The more cheese thing is funny, but then look at the mom. She actually LOOKS like a mom. She's not an 18 year old model pretending to be 35.
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This is excellent, I love it!
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Hindoo Taboo is a good band name.
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Sign of the Gypsy Creams
Pack all your things and cheese
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I can't believe I read the whole blog! And I still don't know what to do about my reeking snizz and bad attitude! Oh well. Guinness, can you help?
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Colour me gobsmacked! Thanks liquidindian, I love this.
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I was just thinking that The Hindoo Taboo should be the first album by The Cheese Bureau. I so much want to be in a Lynchian [Un-]Easy Listening band called The Cheese Bureau now.
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