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Operation Cornflakes was an action by the United States OSS in World War Two to distribute propaganda in Germany, using the Germany's own mail system with forged stamps and bombed mail trains.
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Man! I let my subscription to German Postal Specialist lapse sometime in '86.
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Never mind stamps, what about leaflets "15.24 centimeters by 7.72 centimeters (6 by 3 inches) on 7.25- or 9.06- kilogram paper (16- or 20-pound). Leaflets of this size and weight have very favorable aerial dissemination characteristics."
These Gulf War leaflets deserve their own post.
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Metafilter: very favorable aerial dissemination characteristics.
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There, the OSS (headed by Allen Dulles, who arrived in November 1942 and operated as code number 110, with cover name “Mr. Burns”)

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Ahh....the wartime OSS, a wonderfully zany bunch. John Paton Davies once referred fondly of the organization as, "...a collection of thugs, post-debutantes, millionaires, professors, corporation lawyers, professional military, and misfits..." They were always being squeezed out of theaters of operation due to the intelligence agencies of either the army or the navy.
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using Germany's own mail system with forged stamps and bombed mail trains.

The mind boggles -- I'm imagining a combination explosives+parcels bomb. First the explosive destroys the mail train and deposits the package in the wreckage (with forged stamps). Then the Germans obligingly gather up the mail from the wreckage and deliver it because war or not, the mail must get through.

Why not just drop the parcels/letters in a busy street and allow passersby to put them in the mailbox?
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Interesting. I wasn't aware of the forged stamps campaign.
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Ach, last time I stumbled across I didn't come out again for several hours...
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Report all obscene mail to your Potsmaster.
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