Homem Pássaro no Chiado
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Claudio Montuori is an Italian, one-man band, street performer. He plays Kalimba, an accordeon, a nacchere, various found objects, and a bevy of other instruments. And he whistles and sings. See also, Amibuz.

On National Geographic's music channel.
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Is this really best of the web? Yep.
posted by cropshy at 2:25 PM on March 28, 2010

Laura Barrett is another awesome Kalimba player.
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Wow. I have a new hero.

Also, accordeon accordion
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Is that an Mbira he's playing the the video? Imogen Heap plays one of those.
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Answering my own question: "The kalimba is an instrument in the percussion family. It is a modernized version of the southern African mbira." So, kind of.
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I was just in Lisbon a few weeks ago. Wish we would have stumbled on to him during our wanderings. One more reason to go back, perhaps.
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That was vastly more entertaining than anything I have seen on network or cable television in a loooooooong time. Seriously talented, an a real gift to us all. Would love to watch him all day!
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Eat your heart out, Pascal Comelade.
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Made me think of The Sonic Manipulator... who is also a "Claude".

Should we put them in a room to see if they'd fight?
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This man is made of awesome.
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My friend translated what he was saying to the photographer: "See that? That is a monument! I am not a monument!"

I beg to differ, good man.
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This man is made of awesome.

Agreed. Claudio is quite awesome. Thanks for the great link. (Not so awesome, the photogs who get right in his face and then don't even leave any money in the hat.)
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