This site is dedicated to the Fujipet (フジペット) camera
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This site is dedicated to the Fujipet (フジペット) camera

``The Fujipet is considered a "toy camera." It isn't built like a toy camera, as the body is made of plastic and aluminum and is quite sturdy, but most of these cameras sport a plastic lens. It was intended as a starter camera for young people, easy enough that even "women and children" could use it.''
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If it were for the awesome Agfa Clack, then yeah.... but, meh.
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Lovely thing, that.

Was at the museum last night and one of my former coworkers showed me his Fuji Instax 210 instant camera, which shoots wide format instant pics (Polaroid style) and is so big I can't believe it came from Japan. I loved it right away, because, hell, how can you not love a chubby instant camera that's larger than a cornish game hen? I picked up a Lubitel 2 last year, finding that I'd just gotten completely sick of tiny, fiddly little digital cameras with menus on menus on menus (on menus), and I love it. It's a pain to use, but I think more about what I want to photograph, and the process is more of an artistic process and less of a way for me to stuff my HD with twenty thousand photos I'll never have time to properly sort out.

The future's great and all, but sometimes a tool that feels like a thing you want to use is better than a hugely-capable virtual object that you endure using because it's hugely-capable (forgive the musical analogy there—it's just my own particular axe to grind).
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parman2, every "toy" enthusiast has their own predilections. Our household is Holga-centric. I saw this & it made me want to get a fujipet just to have one. So, I should add an Agfa Clack, too? OK. I am vast, I contain multitudes.
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Reminds of the Fisher Price camera I had as a kid. Anyone else have this thing?
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watashi to this...
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