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Longform.org is "a curated collection of great longform pieces..."

"...formatted for single-click saving into Instapaper."
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A colleague was telling me about Instapaper this morning. That, combined with this, and an iPad will be my in-flight reading in the future, I think.

(Instapaper also sponsor the new PutThisOn podcasat, by the way)
posted by DanCall at 5:10 AM on April 27, 2010

Instapaper is the best thing ever.
posted by chunking express at 6:23 AM on April 27, 2010

You've discovered a rich vein of FPP material here.
posted by The Whelk at 7:07 AM on April 27, 2010

See also Give Me Something to Read
posted by dhruva at 8:34 AM on April 27, 2010

Wow! This is awesome. I love Instapaper (especially since I got an iPad) and this is going to provide many, many hours of entertainment. Thanks, sciurus!
posted by sveskemus at 8:54 AM on April 27, 2010

Thanks for that link, dhruva!
posted by sciurus at 9:58 AM on April 27, 2010

Finally! Now I can find something to read that will last until I get off the subway! Thank you!
posted by sensate at 1:15 PM on April 27, 2010

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