Dinosaurs in the Deep
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In 1916, Bone War veteran (and poet) Charles H. Sternberg loaded 22 crates of fossils from the Alberta Badlands onto the SS Mount Temple, intending to ship them to the British Museum of Natural History. They never made it. [via Dinosaur Tracking]
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Cool post, thanks.

It makes an interesting parallel to the case of the original "Peking man" (Homo erectus) fossils from Zhoukoudian, which were put on a train to safety in 1941 and disappeared forever.
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This site is dedicated to research, exploration and possible recovery of the Dinosaurs in the Deep.

Somewhere in dinosaur heaven, the aquatic dinosaurs are sniffling in rather large, soggy corner, and one might even be singing "Don't You (Forget About Me)."
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Great story. All the crap Hollywood pumps out; how come they never make movies about stuff like this?
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Great post. This is one of the most interesting things I have never heard of. I wonder if this kind of thing would even be possible today. It reminds us that science in the abstract may be objective but in the real world it is practiced by humans with all the rivalry, jealousy, and pettiness that can infect any field of human endeavor.
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