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Janelle Monae has been busy since the release of The Chase EP, the first of four "suites" that make up her genre-bending epic set in the distant future. She's been "discovered" by Diddy, continued to find inspiration in unexpected places, founded an artists' collective in her adopted hometown of Atlanta, and found time to speak to Vogue about her singular sense of style. Somewhere in there, she's also recorded the next two parts of the Metropolis Suite, titled The Archandroid (which is out today), put out a teaser for the album, and also the video for the first single, Tightrope.

The second and third suites continue the story of android Cindi Mayweather (last seen in the Many Moons video)and her discovery that she is the Archandroid, a a mythic figure in the Metropolis universe.

one last thing: if you're wondering how you can do the Tightrope in the comfort of your very own home, here's a tutorial.
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Fixed the tutorial link
(and she's awesome)
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The Archandroid is streaming in its entirety on MySpace.
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She's awesome, but maybe not two posts in about two weeks awesome. Could the new stuff here be added to the currently open thread?
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This belongs in the other post.
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If the Gags can have a new post every week, then Janelle can have two posts in a fortnight.
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The previous post is still open, so can we make sure to add the "bowties" tag to that one? That alone makes heeeraldo's effort worthwhile.
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Dammit, that dance tutorial link makes me want to initiate a MeFi dance battle at the next meetup, but the only way I can figure out how to divide up the teams is by operating system, which will surely end in tears and recriminations.
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missy eliot
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Mod note: comment removed - this is not the place for "download the whole album here for free" links
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I can't stop listening to Tightrope. I just sit here at my desk at work, designing, toe tapping. Love love love it.
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Her songs from the Purple Ribbon compilation are so great. I listen to "Letting Go" about once a day, and have for the two or three years since that record came out. Best late-70s-MJ-style R&B record in a long time.
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Missed that first post, so thanks for this one.
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Arrgh why isn't this on iTunes do I have to go outside and buy some fucking atoms to have a copy of this I've been listening to "Chase Suite" over and over since the post last month about this woman and that trailer makes me go "oh fuck yeah I want this" oh hey there's a "buy" link on the myspace page and ARRGH IT OFFERS A NORMAL VERSION AND A DELUXE VERSION BUT DOESN'T SAY WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS oh okay the deluxe just has two remixes of "Tightrope" and the video for it, meh, I took the bonus tracks on the deluxe "Chase Suite" out of the rotation because I just want the crazy narrative sweep but on the OTHER hand I am kinda tempted to buy the deluxe version just to fling twenty cents or so more into her pockets for being MADE OF AWESOME AND CRAZY oh wait the album's being sold on 'store.jmonae.com' so maybe I'll be putting two whole DOLLARS more into her pockets and fuck yeah now that I have some decent cashflow I'm gonna do just that and support a fellow crazy visionary.

also she gets points for having an "add me to the mailing list" checkbox in the purchase process that is off by default.
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I just downloaded The Archandroid with my Zune Pass and am listening to it as I write this. This is an AMAZING album--- I loved The Chase Suite, but this? This is . . . is . . . I'm speechless. Really. I have no words.
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One of the very best records I've heard all year.
Janelle can leap and bound any genre she takes on like no one since Prince, and when she does splash around in different styles it seems out of genuine giddy enthusiasm for the possibilities inherent in music and not at all like a dilettante trying to further feather her cap.

And btw, Mizzzzz Germanotta should take notes about a crazy image and adventurous music not being mutuallly exclusive. Miss Monae proves you can have both.
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Arrgh why isn't this on iTunes do I have to go outside and buy some fucking atoms to have a copy of this

No, you don't have to go outside or buy atoms at all. Here is the amazon.com mp3 store link, where the whole album can be purchased for $7.99

Vinylphiles can get a copy of the album on big black discs in late June, apparently.
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I paid twelve bucks to buy the "deluxe" version direct from Mz. Droidface Glideyfeet's own site. No outside necessary!

oh it is so fucking awesome and now i'm going to listen to it back to back with metropolis ♥
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This album is the manifestation of all the promise held by The Chase Suite. Often we're blinded by hype and disappointed by its product, but this is a welcome exception. Nay-say all you wish, this where music should be going.
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I have to say, I wasn't going to bother... But wow. It's a stunning release. Exhausting to listen to, I'm finding, at least the first time through. The breadth of genres which are touched upon is, indeed, quite Prince-like. (I still hold up Prince's never-released yet somehow assembled The Dawn as the pinnacle of "bust every genre and rule the world" albums.)

I guess the question which remains in my mind is, how well will any of this work mashed up with Fritz Lang's Metropolis, in any of its myriad of edits? At least one thing I read online said that Monae drew inspiration from the film, and it's echoed clearly in the cover for The ArchAndroid... Just curious.

*waits patiently for the November DVD release of The Complete Metropolis*
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I, for one, thank you for this additional post, because I've spent the morning listening to & watching the video for Tightrope, and plan to buy a copy tonight.
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Awesome song, great video .. digging the Maya Deren references in there.
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That Letterman clip is fabbo - god I hope she comes to Australia!
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