Professor Shyguy chiptunes Tightrope
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Chiptune musician Professor Shyguy does a cover of Janelle Monae's Tightrope, and pretty much nails it.
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I think I'd probably love "Tightrope" in nearly any form, but that was pretty great as they go.

I've been listening to The Electric Lady on repeat these days, and the little radio show inserts in the album make it an even more narrative experience than her previous albums. Now what I really want, after listening to the last minute of that cover, is a 2-d adventure game based on the whole story she's telling through all her albums. The "Tightrope" chapter would be all about escape!
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Oh man that's amazing, thank you!
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That was quite good.
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His wrecking ball version reminds me of a certain category of cat videos...
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That's impressive.
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Mizu: I would play the FUCK out of that game.
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