Ugandan Skatepark
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A photoset of the first Ugandan skatepark. Built by kids in Kitintale, a working-class suburb of Kampala, without government help or support of any organisation, the skateboard park has become an unexpected focus for a community.
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I always saw skateboarding as a reaction to an environment increasingly made of concrete.
A skateboard community where there's no pavement is very odd. Interesting to see what tricks they come up with.
You better make that ollie over the goat - a fire hydrant is not forgiving, but at least it won't chase you.
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Ah, hell yeah. The Ugandans are gonna kick total skateboard ass, you just watch.
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More than most local kids could get off their asses and achieve. Good for them.
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How terribly sad that they have to enclose it with barbed wire.
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I love how they had to put a net around it to keep the goats out. AWESOME!
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That's really cool! I wish there was more background on how it was built. It's way more well made than I was thinking it would be before I clicked on the link. Also, I didn't see any barbed wire -- just regular old fence to keep the goats out. And, skaters look the same all over the world.
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Should have previewed! Ask and ye shall receive on Metafilter.
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I always said that Twinkies and Snickers bars were the downfall of the Soviet Union -- once people saw little human comforts on the other side of the fence, it wasn't long before they wanted the same.

By the same token, here's hoping that skateboarding lights a spark in Uganda. Tony Hawk will save the lives that UNICEF can't.
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I don't skateboard, but damn if looking at that photoset didn't give me goosebumps. That's just awesome.
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It's so weird to see the stylish clothes and nice skate shoes juxtaposed against the shanties and goats. I'm happy for these people. Though I confess my heart skipped a beat when I saw the guy in picture 4 skating on dirt. Won't somebody please think of the bearings?!
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Teenage boys in Uganda somehow got together and built themselves a beautiful skateboard park.

Teenage Boys of the World! Build a Skateboard Park! Unite! Somehow! Beautifully!
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