Comedian David Mitchell shares his opinions
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David Mitchell's Soap Box features The Peep Show's David Mitchell giving his opinions on various topics. The new series starts with Mitchell pondering the myth of King Cnut attempting to turn back the tides. The comedian has covered many issues, such as respect for the elderly, beer and being asked how much one earns. You can also subscribe to the series as a video podcast [iTunes link]
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As Steven Fry said: "I love your angry logic, David."
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I love David Mitchell almost as much as I love David Mitchell.
posted by reductiondesign at 2:37 PM on May 19, 2010

Awesome. Here's hoping SNL flies him in to play Elena Kagan soon.
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An episode guest hosted by David Mitchell might be the only thing keeping SNL from total mediocrity.

(or a new Lonely Island clip maybe)
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This is my new favorite thing ever.
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Give me ten years and I'll be smoking a tweed pipe.
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I love these, and David Mitchell's humor, intensely.
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A new, slimmer David Mitchell! Still very funny though.
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("King Cnut, history's FCUK")
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This is fantastic.
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I love watching Mitchell on anything he appears in. Search YouTube for some great clips of him on various panel shows in the UK.
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Also, related.
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David Mitchell's appearance on News Quiz was tremendous.
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What, no haters at all?

What have you done with my Metafilter?!!?
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Is it possible to hate David Mitchell?
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Holy shit, the How Much I Earn episode is pure gold.
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I'm kinda meh on David Mitchell. He's merely incredibly funny and my hero.
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David Mitchell sucks. If you hate awesome people.
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David Mitchell is awesome.

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From the episode Mouse:

"That seems to me like the height of 'I Know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly'-style short-sightedness, and can only end in me filling my bath with hay for my house horse."

House horse. Brilliant.
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Love David Mitchell, only discovered peep show this year, great stuff.
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Huh, seems like two of David Mitchell's videos are missing, but I found them on YouTube, necrophilia and rape and pillage.
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What, no haters at all?

If it makes you feel better, I thought all of those videos were bad misses.
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People who hate David Mitchell have no soul.
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Been watching this* in fits and starts. David Mitchell has joined my pantheon of British TV Man-Crushes**. Lovely stuff; wonder if he's still living with a roommate in his flat from college days, as I think I remember reading?
* on custom NTSC DVD! Suck it, haters! MeMail for trades :p
** when he teamed up with Charlie Brooker on last year's Big Fat Quiz of the Year I almost got the vapors

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His cadence and style of rant reminds me so much of Douglas Adams' words as spoken by Simon Jones in the H2G2 radio series. If they ever do a DA biopick, I nominate DM as the person who should either narrate or play him.

Okay, I take that back. Stephen Fry should narrate, obviously.
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Actually, I was also thinking while I was watching it that DM's a great, lost Arthur Dent. Especially the bit where he's insulting the shipboard computer about the tea.
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He shows up on QI (Stephen Fry's quiz show) every once in a while and I just love watching how quick witted he is. Jimmy Carr is another one.
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