It never DOESN'T work!
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Once in a generation, there comes along a piece of aural majesty able to improve any piece of video made by man or beast. From movies to British game shows to video games to even Scooby-Doo. Prepare for your life to be changed forever.
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Now this is a meme I can get in to.
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I don't know, it doesn't actually go with some of these. The game show one was hilarious, but some of the others (particularly the Final Fantasy VII and Godfather ones) are just reaching. Plus, I don't know if you can call it a meme if they're all made by the same guy (YouTube user "guilefitsall"). More like one guy's weird obsession.
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" 't memes a lot ta sumbody."
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Maybe if he had used Blanka's theme music...
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No, this goes with everything.
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OK, I gotta admit I laughed at this one...
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I thought the Lion King one was well-done.
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The beginning is very reminiscent of "Pushing Onwards" from PPPPPP, the stellar chiptune soundtrack for the game VVVVVV (discussed previously).
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Meme fail. I can think of a lot of other musical cliches that are more One-Size-Fits-All than Guile Theme" - Danny Elfman's "Pee Wee theme", Daft Punk's "Harder Faster etc." and The Ides of March's "Vehicle", off the top of my head. You could swap John Williams' Star Wars and Indiana Jones scores and most people would never notice. You could grab any Who song and make it the theme to another CSI spin-off. Nope, sorry, tell the guy pushing this musical meme that we'll be listening to Keyboard Cat for a long time after "Guile Theme" is forgotten.
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Can we issue requests? I wanna see Gandalf fighting the Balrog to this.
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Someone should set a Benny Hill chase scene to this and watch the Internet eat itself.
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could we please have this played off by keyboard cat?
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griphus: that's what the BennyHillifier is for.
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This is the most depressing FPP in 21st Century Metafilter history.

Please don't make me count the ways...
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Parliament question time [ie. Federal Government] is televised in Australia. It opens with grand orchestral music to give us all a sense of grandeur and get us in the mood for what we're about to watch.

But, as a friend pointed out to me, what if they used clown music? What if they used the Baby Elephant Walk tune?

That had never occurred to me before. How self important the choice of music was.

That said, this meme doesn't work for me at all. I'd like to see them all with clown music instead.
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OK, I gotta admit I laughed at this one...

That Robin Hood trailer reminded me that I have to hunt down and painfully kill whoever it was who introduced me, via MetaFilter, to the aqua/orange color scheme issue. I see it everywhere now. You have 24 hours to get the mods to anonymize that post, whoever you are, and then the hunt begins.
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Somewhere in my mp3 collection is the YTMD techno meme music from, like, five years ago. And in rare moments, it comes up in shuffle while I'm driving. And I always laugh my damn head off.

This one, not so much.
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I can't watch the videos right now but for some reason I was assuming it would be footage with a guy reciting, "Christ, what an asshole," over and over.
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not that girl: link?
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Sorry, but my life has not changed one bit after that misery, let alone "forever". ( I agree with onesellfoop's comments, the best so far on this post.)
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leotrotsky: Link.
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Forced meme is forced. Everything's coming up Milhouse!
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a better reception to these videos is likely to be found at something awful if it hasn't been posted there already. if you really want it to be a meme, you can try spamming it at 4chan.
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Sorry, nothing's better than the Countdown theme. Nothing. I keep the bloody tune in my music library.
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As much as I enjoy Guile's Theme -- and, I do! Specifically the version from Super SF2 on the SNES -- it didn't do anything for me. I feel like some sound effects from the game could have helped it a bit.

It also reminded me of "Dear Sister" (or that One Part fromt the OC where that girl shoots that other guy, and Imogen Heap plays) which is a music-based meme that works for a lot of things and is funnier probably because people take care to mimick the style of the original as well rather than just throwing a song on top of a random clip.
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