Smooth Neck of the Moon
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Absolutely stunning, beautiful. Thanks for posting. Cotopaxi is visible from many of the places in Ecuador's capital, Quito, but far too often it is covered with clouds. I think everyone should have an interest in going to Ecuador at some point in their lives to see the spine of the Andes - it's downright amazing down there. This was a majestic and awe-inspiring post, and any Milky Way junkies out there will love it as well.
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On one hand, APOD is the Best of the Web. On the other ...
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I wonder what the 'Explanation' would sould like if it were written by and amatuer astronomer?

"Wow,.. Awesome!"
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Wow, amazing. Cotopaxi means "Neck of the Moon" in Quechua, and you can see why.
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look for the lights of the climbers on the mountain :)
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So beautiful. Thanks!
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Suddenly, with the parts seen through a thin cloud layer or fog, constellations make sense.
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I turn along with the planet beneath my feet, staring into the beautiful vastness beyond, a part of EVERYTHING

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Am I imagining it or is there something like a parallax effect due to the time-lapse motion? It seems to reveal a dimension of depth in the night sky.
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Wonderful. Thank you.
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It's amazing how often Earth is pelted by tiny particles (and how seldom it is pelted by Mount Everest-sized ones, thank goodness).
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Sublime. Thank you.
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