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Friday Flash Fun: Mamono Sweeper is Minesweeper with role-playing elements. A number of monsters with levels from 1 to 5 are hidden in the grid. Your task is to kill them all. When you click on a square with a monster, you battle against that monster until you or the monster is dead. If the monster is your level or below, you take no damage, but if it is of a higher level, you will get hurt, and possibly die. Empty squares show the sum of the levels of the monsters in all adjacent squares. You start out at level 1 with 10 hit points, and each monster you kill gives you experience points towards the next level. You cannot recover lost hit points. Use the A and D keys to mark squares. Good luck!

Detailed battle rules: Each monster has hit points equal to its level. When you battle a monster, the player and the monster take turns dealing damage equal to their level to their opponent. This continues until player or monster is dead. The player always attacks first. In effect: if you battle a monster of higher level that you, it deals damage equal to its level. If its level is higher than twice your level, it deals damage equal to twice its level, etc.

The amount of experience points received from a defeated monster is 2^(n-1) where n is the monster's level. That is, two monsters of a given level give as much experience as one monster of the next higher level. Your level thresholds are set so that in order to progress from level 3 to 4 without taking damage, you must defeat every monster of level 3 or below. Similarly from level 4 to 5. The thresholds from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3, however, are less strict and allow you to progress by only defeating some of the monsters of your level and below.

Note that when you have defeated a monster, you can click on its square to see the sum of the levels of the monsters in the surrounding squares. This sum does not include the level of the defeated monster itself.

There are a number of alternate versions of the game:
Easy: Smaller grid, and far fewer monsters.
Huge: Larger grid, more monsters, monster levels go from 1 to 9. You start with 20 hit points. The strict level thresholds only kick in from level 5 and beyond.
Extreme: Monsters are equally distributed among the five levels, rather than smaller monsters being more common.
Blind: You are level 0 with 1 hit point, so you cannot defeat any monsters. Your task is here to clear every square that does not contain a monster.

And for the interested, the nine monsters are:
Level 1: Slime
Level 2: Goblin
Level 3: Lizard
Level 4: Golem
Level 5: Dragon
Level 6: Demon
Level 7: Ninja
Level 8: Dragon Zombie
Level 9: Satan
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I haven't tried it yet, it'll have to wait until I get home.
But it sounds like Minesweeper meets Hunt The Wumpus
posted by Confess, Fletch at 11:19 AM on June 4, 2010 [2 favorites]

Fun! I wish you could mark the occupied squares in a way that did not look quite so much like the revealed squares. But good game!
posted by LittleMissCranky at 11:41 AM on June 4, 2010

Well basically that kills my productivity for the day.
posted by FritoKAL at 11:46 AM on June 4, 2010

darn hard.
posted by GuyZero at 11:51 AM on June 4, 2010

Neat. Needs more gelatinous cube.
posted by chairface at 12:10 PM on June 4, 2010

Is this game in any way based on the movie?
posted by flarbuse at 12:20 PM on June 4, 2010

900 seconds? I was playing that for 15 minutes?! I wish I could focus this intently on stuff that's actually, you know, important.

...time to try extreme...
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I like this, thanks.
posted by painquale at 12:54 PM on June 4, 2010

I am so going to get fired now.
posted by xbonesgt at 1:10 PM on June 4, 2010

This is exactly like a game I played on my ZX81 in 1981, but with much better graphics.
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Took me a while to work out the procedure.

Click squares adjacent to revealed squares where the square's number minus the sum of the levels of all adjacent monsters is less than or equal to your current level. Else, click randomly.

So far as long as I don't click a powerful monster in the first few tries, it's worked out for me.

Fun little game.
posted by Grimgrin at 3:57 PM on June 4, 2010

Yaaaaay! Finally a Flash game where I can leverage my many manhours of life experience in Minesweeper! I beat it twice already! !! !!1!

Seriously, I have a low frustration threshold and this game is perfect for me.
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The sad thing is that this is also my Minesweeper highscore.
posted by shakespeherian at 4:19 PM on June 4, 2010

Okay I finished with all my HP in 518 and will now forget this ever existed so I don't play it again.
posted by shakespeherian at 4:55 PM on June 4, 2010

As someone who has recently become obsessed with Minesweeper, I thank you. Or curse you, I'm not sure which.
posted by Countess Elena at 4:57 PM on June 4, 2010

Wow - brilliant. Took me a couple minutes to figure it out, but this is awesome. Just beat the original game linked, but it took me 858 seconds.
posted by cgg at 9:40 PM on June 4, 2010

294 is my best. I'm pretty sure the best strategy is to fight a level 4 monster at level 2 and a level 5 monster at level 3.

After playing twice in a row I get serious eyestrain. It's a horribly small and cluttered board.
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FINALLY, beat the huge game... now let us never speak of this again!
posted by edgeways at 1:46 PM on June 5, 2010

If I could play this on my Android phone, I might not ever get any work done ever again.
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I can't decide whether it's better to kill a 4-monster at level 3 and a 5-monster at level 4, or to kill three 3-monsters at level 2. The latter strategy lets you plow through areas with possible 3s lurking underneath early on, which really opens the board up fast, but slows you in the late game.

I'm down to 276.
posted by painquale at 5:16 PM on June 5, 2010

I agree about the eyestrain, and I wish there was a pause button, but fun! Very fun.

Something like this would be awesome on the iPhone.
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