Martha Argerich
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[Martha] Argerich brings to bear qualities that are seldom contained in one person: she is a pianist of brainteasing technical agility; she is a charismatic woman with an enigmatic reputation; she is an unaffected interpreter whose native language is music. This last may be the quality that sets her apart. A lot of pianists play huge double octaves; a lot of pianists photograph well. But few have the unerring naturalness of phrasing that allows them to embody the music rather than interpret it. - Alex Ross, "Madame X". The New Yorker - November 12, 2001
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I don't want to sound puerile but she's really hot!

Ever heard her play Shostakovitch's 1st?. I think she does it wonderfully.
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I see that the Rach 3 YouTube was removed - here's a replacement.
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I don't want to sound puerile but she's really hot!

I hate to make the first two replies about a great artist be about her looks, but... yeah.

Also she can really play! That box set I linked to the cover of is $22 (on Amazon) of 8 CDs of stunning piano playing. If you're into solo piano of the Romantic era, it's a great way to bootstrap a collection.

There's also a similar set of concerto recordings that I should really pick up.
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I like Ross, but that "enigmatic reputation" phrase is so curious...I assume it means "a reputation for being an enigma" but that seems like a slight misuse of the word. The only option is that the reputation itself is an enigma, but how is that even possible?
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unliteral: "I see that the Rach 3 YouTube was removed - here's a replacement ."

It's a performance than deserves better than YouTube sound.

Likewise, for Chopin: The Legendary 1965 Recording and a live 1967 recording.
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Damn it, there used to be a video of her playing Liszt's hungarian rhapsody #6 wherein she simply tears up the octaves in the 3rd section. I can only find her Funerailles now, which has the same wonderful focus on her hands... this compensates, i believe joe, for the admittedly shitty youtube sound.
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Nice, thanks for posting this, Joe!
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I don't want to sound puerile but she's really hot!

I can't find the pic, but there's an album cover where Argerich and Nelson Freire are looking at each other with a stare like they want to tear off each others clothing. Her playing is as passionate.
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She's extraordinary. Thanks for the links Joe, elmono and unliteral.
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Ripping up Ravel.
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In particular, from about the 17 minute mark before she gets stuck into the Presto.
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Love the way she plays the Rach 3 from memory. This post is what I needed this morning! Thank you!
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