R.I.P Clare Fischer
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The great pianist-arranger-composer Clare Fischer has died. Besides being a mean pianist who even Herbie Hancock called a huge influence, very few could claim the achievements of this man, who worked with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie, the Hi-Los and other jazzmen to Prince, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Paul McCartney, Prince, and so many more.
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For one second there I thought this post was about Claire Fisher.
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Prince, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Paul McCartney, Prince,

Hey, wait! There are TWO guys named Prince? I smell a lawsuit!

But seriously, for Mr. Fischer:


Hadn't heard of him til right now. I mean, the name rings a distant bell, but that's about it. I have no problem with obits of people I know little to nothing about, but I feel like said obits should ideally show me at least something about his life and work. Some links in this FPP pointing to some of his music would have been appreciated, for sure. OP, which Prince and Rufus/Chaka Khan* releases was he involved with, for example?

*If he had anything to do with "Tell Me Something Good", then he is a god.
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Thanks hippybear for reminding us about this great resource (Discogs). The whole of Fischer's output and the records he worked on are here. Flapjax, CF worked on 1978's "Street Player" For Rufus/Chaka (also, I could swear he did the horns for "Once You Get Started" -- a great chart -- from a previous album they did but I'm not totally sure) and Prince's Sign of the Times.
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and Prince's Sign of the Times

As in, he did the string arrangements for Slow Love. Right on, Clare.

I forgot to do it before, but here's your respect. You touched a lot of music everyone knows and hardly anyone knew your name

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