Reggie Watts is back: "being meta it don't help me"
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Reggie Watts @ Google (NSFW for cursing)

Reggie Watts, comedic/musical performer: "Hilarious, brilliant, unpredictable – comedian/musician Reggie Watts is a staple of the international performance scene. Reggie’s improvised musical sets are created on-the-spot using only his formidable voice and a looping machine. No two songs are ever the same. An avowed "disinformationist," Reggie loves to disorientate his audiences in the most entertaining way. You may not know what Reggie is going to do, but that’s okay – he doesn’t either." via

On why shit be going wrong
Interview on The Sound of Young America
2006: Performance on PopTech

Reggie Watts on POPTUB
Fuck Shit Stack - live, video
Lakeshore Theatre show

previ ously
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Note: The "why shit be going wrong" leads to a comedy central video, which contains an ad. There's actually a bunch more comedy there, but it's all behind ads.
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Yay. I remember him from early pre-Maktub Seattle times when he was part of the party cover band Hit Explosion. I love seeing all the great and weird stuff he's doing lately.
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I saw him open for Conan at Radio City last Wednesday and he was fantastic. I have Why Shit So Crazy? but cannot find the "big ass purse" song anywhere. Can anyone else find a video or recording of this?

Also, Maktub rules.
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I saw him open for Conan in Philadelphia the other night and was similarly impressed. A significant comedic and musical talent, to be sure.
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The expression on the lady sitting beside the stage in the live video is awesome.
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I saw him with Conan too. Honestly, I thought he was the best part of the show.
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What elder18 said.
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Yes. Saw him open for Conan in Boston. Very excellent, his hip hop parody song was meh though.
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Except the shit-fuck-stack part, that was gold.
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More than his musical and comedic talent, I appreciate Reggie Watts for his voice. His wonderful, wonderful voice.
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I've got some practice tapes of his somewhere that he left in the basement of the old place.....
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It's so great to see such a hard working guy make it. I've seen him countless times in many roles over the years and he's always brought it. Way ta go Reggie!
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As usual I'm 3.5 years ahead of Google.
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It's a Fuck Shit Stack.
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I saw Reggie open for Conan in Toronto, and he was the highlight of the show by far. However, this video is super-meh. And I made it through 27 minutes of it hoping, just hoping, that it would improve. Nope. Watch the other clips instead.
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So Andy Kaufman gained a bit of weight and spent time with Todd Rundgren? Cool. Great stuff.
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funny funny
this shit
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this shit be fucked up, know what I'm sayin'

funny_________________________________________ funny
.................this shit
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fuck this shit
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Missed Reggie's opening set at the Conan show in D.C. on Tuesday, and that was upsetting.
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You can only hide behind the "pointing out that stand-up comedy is a rather tired, hackneyed form" bit for so long- eventually you yourself have to actually come up with something funnier than the people you're busting on. cf Anzari, Aziz.
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Maktub's practice room was rigt next to my band's a decade ago. Nice fellow.
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Neat. Met him at a party once but had no idea who he was at the time. Apparently he's awesome.

I should pay more attention to the people I meet, on the off chance that they are awesome.
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Fuck shit stack is my favorite ever. My husband and I still refer to anything disastrous as a "fuck shit stack."
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Remember this? No wait, it's this one.
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I liked the music, but the comedy wasn't really to my taste.
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avclub interview with reggie watts
One of my favorite things is acting like a speaker or a professor or a CEO of a company and addressing the audience like a group of engineers or designers or marketers. I like sincerely talking about market analysis and how marketing is ahead of design and design needs to catch up to fulfill the promise of the marketing. We've all been to a lecture; whenever I've been in those situations I'm laughing on the inside, that there's actually a huge group of people listening to this one person talk about whatever they're talking about. It's funny that that's the way human culture can organize itself and sometimes the absurdity comes from simply re-creating it...

What I'm doing on stage now is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to be able to make a movie. I also want to mimic commercials to a T: high-budget, helicopter-shot commercials. I'm working on performance technologies—stereoscopic point-of-view camera stuff and live, augmented reality applications. I call it "Starking It," like Tony Stark. It's creating things that make enough money to create resources to generate new technologies to have those technologies to generate more resources so I can make more things happen. Ultimately I want to be able to create whatever I want whenever I want. And if that doesn't work, I don't mind just doing weird plays.
sounds fun! being funny :P
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That Google buying Orchid joke KILLED!

Killed means it hurt really badly, right?
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I saw Reggie when he opened for Devo in San Francisco last year. I had no idea who the large man with the giant afro was, or what he was doing on the stage. He seemed like an odd choice for Devo, especially because much of what he was doing was very improvisational. I liked his layered beatbox compositions and his intellectual tone.

Some in the audience did not like him at all. One person yelled, "Get the f*** off the stage!" Reggie said that the heckler was his cousin. He then told how when he was growing up, he and his cousin would perform in front of each other and push each other into higher levels of meditative awareness. When one of them felt that the other was not being authentic enough in their performance, they would yell "get the f*** off the stage". So he thanked his cousin for getting him back on track with his performance.
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Maybe I'm just old, but I have no idea what he's sayin'
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That's Zach Galifianakis right?
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I've seen Reggie live a few times (and met him a few times, though I'm sure he doesn't remember me). His voice is staggering, and when he starts looping himself--live, right there in front of you, creating songs out of nothing but his voice and the deck--well, that shit just isn't fair.
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Bing jokes! Ha!
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When Conan did his show in Seattle, everyone in my office freaked out over "that guy who opened for Conan".
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Ha! Good stuff. I first became aware of Reggie via this Yes Men prank.
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Comedy Death Ray Radio listeners also know him for the show's intro. I'm a long time CDR listener but I've never looked into anything else he's done. Thanks for this.
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