How to become the world's No. 1 hacker/plagiarist
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Cyber security consultant & self-styled “innovator, leader & visionary” Greg Evans has just written & self-published a book titled How To Become The Worlds No. 1 Hacker. Or did he? His company, LIGATT Security International, counts Philips Arena, the NBA Atlanta Hawks and the NHL Atlanta Thrashers among its clients. Or does it?
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> In the parts of the book where the author attempts to write original text, it’s ripe with various errors.

Well, at least he used the right "it's".
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I really don't get how people think they can get away with cut-n-paste jobs in the age of Google.
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Dude prolly got a trophy from the NSF, too.
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"it’s ripe with various errors."

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people who live in glass houses... something, something, something.
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Oh good grief. This dumb bastard has been getting raked over the coals on Twitter for a while. The stuff I've been seeing from there is starting to look like a lesson in just how far you can take clueless hubris. At some point I half expect that someone's just going to pop up and say "ha ha, thanks for being a part of my performance art project".

Of course, LIGATT just bought a billboard near my office to spout his claims of being the "world's #1 hacker", so if that is the case, it's starting to become a damn expensive art project.
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More goodies.
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Pretty hard to sympathize with a guy who brags about an affiliation with the Thrashers.
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From the video at the bottom of the bio:
"You don't have to be a computer security expert, or an IT manager, or even really have a big knowledge of security and computers. You can be like Joe the Plumber."
I have a feeling Joe the Plumber may know more about security than a whole lot of IT Managers.
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Dude prolly got a trophy from the NSF, too.

Well, that ain't hard. I got a huge Non-Sufficient Funds lifetime achievement award, and I have no doubt this guy is on the fast-track to being graced with the same honour.
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Greg Evans, your head is extraordinarily shiny. You have that thing smogged, ese?
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Bruce Schneier found the guy entertaining, too.
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He lists Ludacris among his clients. I can only hope that the work involved securing Luda's ho/area code database.
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I find myself looking at this and knowing it is funny, but wishing Mutant was here to explain all the subtle humor.
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I'm very tired, so it took several reads to figure out that this wasn't the guy from My Two Dads and Tekwar. I'm kinda disappointed.
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