Your Truly Quite Open Book
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Your Open Book (NSFW language) lets you search Facebook's publicly accessible status updates. While the site exists ostensibly to protest Facebook's problematic privacy settings, perhaps its even greater achievement is to let us peer into the lives of our fellow Facebook users. (NSFW language)
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I think we sort of talked about this before...
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Aw, rats.
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Maybe this time we can talk about the link instead of having a referendum on facebook's privacy policies for the billionth time..

I thought it was interesting. It's a shame we feel like any thoughts or opinions that are linked to our names have to be absolutely private or bad things will happen. It's probably true, but it's still a shame.
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it is sort of interesting that people, on one hand, post all sorts of information about themselves on the Internet (IT'S THE INTERNET, IDIOT!), and then get upset when people read the information they posted....
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Dr. N.. wow... I've understood everything on the net...up to that post...
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It's "My wife as ...". Completely changes the meaning.
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man, facebook is full of wank
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It was never this clear to me before how totally illiterate the English speaking world apparently is. I get that a lot of it is jargon and dialect, but even if you exempt that, a random sample of facebook statuses says zero out of a hundred people can put together one grammatical sentence in a row.
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I actually got kind of embarrassed on Facebook the other day.

There's this new thing where twats can use a javascript trick to make you 'like' something if you click on a link that appears in someone else's feed saying they liked that thing.

Anyway, something popped up in a friend's feed, it gave me a giggle, I clicked it... and five minutes later an ex of mine sent me a screenshot saying dnab likes [amusing, not overly embarrassing, but not something one wants one's boss or niece and nephew to see thing].

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Oh, and I made it to page three of the last link there before the horrifying racism started. I'm going to go look at kittens now.
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dnab.. if you care what the niece et al care about you... you should not be on facebook...

i love being old enough that it doesn't matter to me what the hell people think of me...
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Marginally amusing, totally brain-numbing.
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Metafilter: pretty sweet

DARK METAFILTER: Marginally amusing, totally brain-numbing.
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It has a kind of train-wreck attraction to it. Going to close the tab now.
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I find it strange that I'm seeing more black facebooks than white facebooks. Is the privacy hoopla missing some demographics?
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Oh man.
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You mean if I write something on the Internet, other people may be able to read it? I've long since figured out that the Facebook privacy "controversy" is mostly people coming to this conclusion far later than they should have. Social networking sites are not some kind of gated community where only your friends can ever possibly see what you post, I never understood them to be that and I think most people who grasp how the Internet actually works didn't either. If you broadcast to the entire Internet that you shot some really awesome heroin this weekend, don't blame Facebook when your potential employer Googles your name and finds it.
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Interestingly, if you search for "cock" (couldn't resist, sry), you'll find that maybe a majority of the results are people who have had their accounts hacked and vandalized (.i.e, some high school football player with "I LOVE COCK AND IM A FAG" as his status update).
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You mean there are human beings with real experiences on Facebook?
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The batshit right-wing stuff is the scariest. I can't even bend my mind around the fact that someone thinks Obama is left-wing.
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Oh, humanity, I used to at least respect you...
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A decade, the MSN network had a security hole where a webpage running a CGI script could scoop the last few pictures sent between users. Sitting there refreshing the page, you could see a constant sampling of the photos MSN users were sending back and forth, about 2/3rds of which were of the MSN users naked.

Say what you will about the relative techno-savvy of MSN vs. AOL vs. Earthlink users, MSN users were an extremely unattractive bunch of over-40s.
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i still look at this feed of images uploaded to livejournal once in a while

and i like the flickrvision scrolling map
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lots of casual racists unaware of facebook's privacy settings.....
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Well, that was depressing.
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Hammond, thanks for the LJ link. Some really nice pictures in the sample I got...I'm afraid to close the window now.
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Facebook: Where Youtube commentors come to meet and greet!
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This is equal parts horrifying and entertaining. The balance kind of shifts depending on what you search for though.
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Makes it kind of a challenge to think the best of people. Hammond Rye's link being just the tip of the ice-berg.
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I was not aware that people kept Facebook pages written as their infants. Wow.
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Wow. How many people use Obama and the "n word" in the same post?

I wish I could take that and post it for all their employers, students, teachers, and parole officers to see.
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And why are they all holding kids while saying it?

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I'll never stop finding it funny how often "nigger" and "I'm not racist but" wind up in the same sentence.
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It's been at least a week since we talked about this. Can you read these on your iPad? 'Cause that would make a truly epic FPP.
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My FB status says I smell really badly of cat piss right now and didn't notice until I was at work. I have perfect privacy settings though so nobody has noticed yet, least of all my co-workers.
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My favorite insane comment found on Open Book was "blaming BP for the oil spill is like blaming New Orleans for Katrina." Wish I could find it again...
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Social networking sites are not some kind of gated community where only your friends can ever possibly see what you post,

Of course, Facebook started off as just exactly this kind of gated community. I'm not sure most FB users now know that, but when you use FB it does still sort of have that feeling in its brand ... intentionally or not, its set up in such a way as to imply only your friends are seeing what you post, even when they're not.
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I am glad this came up, because I am really curious as to what Mefi thinks of Facebook. Because, y'know, I think the 241st thread tagged with facebook will be the moment we see some consensus.
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everyone in the photos look so proud and sure of themselves.

Urge to kill...rising.
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I love this tool. But it usually makes me hate people more than I hate Facebook.
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I was not aware that "nigger rig" is such a common colloquialism.
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Hey! Are you a brain-dead Racist Asshole? If so, we've got a social networking site for you! RacistBook! Join now and bask in the willful ignorance of your peers!
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I can remember so many times where I've gone to post a status update, and then thought, carefully, about who might see it. Only my friends can seen my status updates, but even then, do I want them all to see it? Are there people I should manually hide certain updates from? Should I create groups so that when I bitch about one group, it's hidden from them?

I generally don't post status updates that I wouldn't want everyone I'm connected to reading to myself.

And then I see some of the shit on here, and I'm glad that I have that policy.
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I was not aware that "nigger rig" is such a common colloquialism.

I actually never heard it until now, and I haven't been so sheltered (though I've stayed above the Mason Dixon line.) I grew up (not around PC people, either) using jerry-rig, which turns out to be a bastardization of jury rig.

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I heard it fairly frequently while growing in rural Nebraska.

Which is one more, tiny reason why I left rural Nebraska as fast as the law would allow.
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I've been updating my status on facebook every day for years now. I'm now ashamed of the company I've been keeping (tries to delete...)
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One of the people SomethingAwful is poking fun at doesn't deserve it: on the first SA page, one status is "Loving Heston Blumenthal!!!them ejaculating cakes lol!!!!"

She's not got anything wrong. Heston's cakes, they ejaculate.
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