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For my money I like Mikael Andersson. Also an inspirational speaker with tetra-amelia, but being Swedish, not so goddy or perky. He's a car salesman when he isn't doing talks or playing video games with his kids. His documentary Armlös, Benlös,Makalös (very similar to Vujicics No arms, no legs, no worries) is up on youtube. Only the first of 6 parts is (badly) translated, so I will just link to his signature phone answering move.
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I had a feeling that this was a tad religious but the first half of the video really made me relook at life today - thanks for the link to Mikael Andersson
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I thought this was going to be about Vuvuzela, the South African who could play only B♭.
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Ah good morning tears here in Key West. Good stuff. Thanks for posting.
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They are both very cool and accomplished guys infini, with different styles.
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I wanna see this guy and Zach together in the same room. An implosion of awesome would most likely occur.
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Damnit, infini, it's too early on a Saturday morning to be crying.

I bet this is one of those assemblies where the students actually leave the room quietly.
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excellent! Stuff like this sears into consciousness. More of us need to wake up every day to inspiration like this.
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I'm going to have very hard time explaining why my new assurance to people is "No arms, no legs, no worries!"

Also, holding someone's heart may be a sweet idea, but I always recieve it too literally, and in this guy's case, when he says "when the time comes..." more than anything I picture him lurking, pouncing, and gnawing through a ribcage.
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This guy talked at a school in my town a few years ago and made a big impression on everyone who heard him. Still, I can't help thinking of the "what do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in the pool" sort of jokes.
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Awesome, thank you for this post. I had never heard of Nick. I'm into God raps (not typical bible thumpin'), and this man has got it.
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