The Other Ewok Movie
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Return of the Ewok: A mockumentary starring Warwick Davis that was made during lunch breaks on the set of Return of the Jedi. The original 16mm print has been lost, but the 25 minute VHS dub has made it's way online. Parts one, two, and three.
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I'm only done with the first part so far, but this is pretty great.
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Wookieepedia page, and the Original Trilogy forum discussion of the fan edit, and other Star Wars ephemera on film.
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"Three films! Three films I've put up with his complaining and I didn't know about that switch!"
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This version is apparently culled from loads of different sources, hence why the picture quality and ratio changes from scene to scene.
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So weird to see 1970s England (grim, rainy, dirty) mixed with SW.
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Crikey Darth Vader!
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