Why, yes, I like being stupid,
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Why, yes, I like being stupid, but now I don't have to be. How silly of me to have failed to recognize that the earth is a Time Cube, with four simultaneous days. (But if God were queer, I'd think this whole gay marriage rights mess would never have happened...)
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WOW!! It all makes sense now! The voices, the creatures in the corner, the men in black who are watching me. I finally get it all. "No single corner human can occupy or experience more than a single corner at the same time during a 4-corner rotation within the 4/16 creation principle." So what you're saying is that I am a personified pyramid corner! Sure.

I knew my high school teachers were loons. Actually I had a discrete math teacher who sounded a lot like this.
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One version of the Unification Theory in physics describes the world in 27-dimensions. This is impossible visualize (due to our 3-dimensional visual bias) and can only be expressed in mathematics.

This guy, however, is completely nuts.
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Here's the real question...

Why is this person yelling on his web page? (Could his font size be any bigger?)

Ever wonder why no one is on the street corner proclaiming that the sun will rise in the East? Think about it...
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He's yelling because no one will listen to him.
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I wonder why he stopped at four time periods? Aaah! That's part of the plot! They wouldn't let him tell us about the other time periods. Gene Ray has been suppressed!

At least he's not Jewish, which apparently takes him four different colors to explain. Whew!
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Man, this guy has a real nutcase portal going on here!



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Why did he have to bring race into it? That's disappointing. I want some purely metaphysical nutballery, and half the kooks out there insist on bringing race into their systems. Ha, he rails against "words" but his madness is completely based on words and symbols.
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does this remind anyone a bit of Dr Bronner, except that Bronner makes a whole lot more sense?

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I'm not sure if this is similar, but it is certainly posted by EngineBeak at 10:59 PM on March 8, 2000 [1 favorite]

Shoot. I forgot to close-quote in the href. Worked out interestingly, though. Should have been:
I'm not sure if this is similar, but it is certainly strange.
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Hm. on abovegod.com, it says, "You maybe academically retarded."

Apparently, he's so alone in his corner, he's got no one to proofread. Or maybe them all retarded, to, and he don't trust these.
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Wow. Dagmar Chili is a hard act to follow. In more ways than one.

Who's Dr. Bronner? Someone refresh my memory, please.
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