The lovers, the dreamers, and Bruce.
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In 1978, "Bruce Wayne" (probably not his real name) worked as a set dresser on The Muppet Movie. Here are some photos he took on the set. (via Muppet Central)
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*presses fist into open hand*
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How interesting to see that the rainbow at the end of the movie was a practical effect and not composited in optically. And how sad that he took his shots with 110 film.
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Also, it's funny how 'in' his 1978 style is right now.
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Movin' right along.
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I love how I can always count on MetaFilter for a monthly Muppet fix. Just when the glow of the last post fades it's "Hey! More Muppets!"
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Honestly, even though I've seen this movie more times than I can count, I never realized the restaurant where Kermit and Piggy had their first date was so tree-themed. I love Rowlf's piano.
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Thank you for this! May I squee? Too late to ask, I just did.
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wait...where did they find a REAL rainbow?
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Little piles of cloth - you mean the Muppets weren't, you know, alive?
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Chinese jet pilot What in the ever lovin blue-eyed world is/was wrong with 110 film? That's what my Roleiflex shot, or am I misremembering ? Square negatives made a better frame, I always thought. RIP my Rolei.
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Hobgoblin, you're thinking of 120 film. 110 was those little drop-in cartridges.
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Thanks, I suspected I shoulda kept quiet. Absolutely was 120.
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Now I have to whip out my dvd seasons of the muppets....
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Hmm, a distinct lack of black bags.
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The photos with the rainbow give me the same magical feeling as I get when I watch the movie. Oh Muppets, you're too wonderful for anybody to ever realize you!
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I always wanted a Pentax 110 SLR system... one of the nifty oddballs of the time. The issue is that the negative is tiny, and the film of the time fairly grainy, especially in consumer grade. On the other hand, that sort of works with these photos - they feel that they are of their time and place because they're 110-grainy.
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