The Corporatization of Weblogs Has Begun, it is decreed
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The Corporatization of Weblogs Has Begun, it is decreed The current Editor & Publisher introduces blogging to its newspaper-editor audience and points out two blogs actually written by newspaper columnists. I do indeed agree that Weblogging is a viable new medium of expression for dead-tree media, and agree even more strongly that special-interest journalistic blogs are in desperate need. (I'm planning one myself, and wouldn't it be great to read dueling blogs on the same topic from rival newspapers?) I just worry that the column will have an illocutionary effect, i.e., it will cause something to happen just by uttering words, rather like "I now pronounce you married." In this case the words I worry about are "The corporatization of Weblogs has begun." I can hear Rushkoff griping about the good old days already. And I'd gripe along with him.
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And then I found this, on the very same day.

And my one-time employer is launching several corp-blogs all at once (including

Do I smell a meme-storm brewing?
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Speaking of a meme-storm, maybe we could talk the Weather Service into naming next year's hurricanes after webloggers: Hurricane Anil, Hurricane Brad, Hurricane Cam, Hurricane Dan (don't ask which one), Hurricane Eaton, Tropical Depression Foop...
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